Trying something new!

Ok..if you ever visit here then you know that I am notorious for saying that I’m going to do better about blogging and then I slack off again. Most of the time that’s because I just go blank on ideas to blog about other than sharing the yummy goodness in digiland. Well, over the weekend I was browsing Scrap Matters forum and found a great idea for a 30 day prompt challenge and thought what a great way to get me blog and keep me going with ideas…at least for a month haha. Can’t promise I’ll get here every day but this should definitely help!!

Day One: Introduce, recent picture, 15 facts
Well, if you haven’t read my “about me” section…. My name is Jan. I am a 45  year old wife to 1 and mom to 3. Aaron is  19, Morgan is 15, and Chance is 5. Yep, started all over at 40! Sometimes I think “What was I thinking?”, but most of the time I think “What a blessing” :). I am totally addicted to digiscrapping and have been for 4 1/2 years now. In my other life, I am a high school special education teacher. I’ve been at it for 22 years now and love it. I have taught everything to self contained classes for students with moderate and severe disabilities to inclusion settings in geometry and algebra classes with students who have Learning Disabilities.
A recent picture? Gasp…not often am I on the “other” side of the camera, but here is one that I took of DS and I for a photo challenge to use my self timer.

15 facts….wow…that’s a lot LOL
1. I have 5 tattoos (I was 30 before I got the first one)
2. My nose is pierced
3. My belly button is pierced
4. I have been married twice
5. My dream is to live at the beach
6. My current hubby and I met online
7. I am a huge geek…I love technology and techy stuff..ooh and office supplies!
8. My sister and I both are adopted
9. I am totally laid back and worry about very little in life…a learned skill 🙂
10. I am addicted to coffee and having a passionate affair with Mr. Keurig
11. I don’t watch tv
12. I don’t sit still well. Meetings drive me insane and I am always moving something…a foot, a hand, playing with my hair…total ADD
13. My favorite time of day is early morning…me, my coffee, my laptop, and quiet!
14. I was a Chemistry major my freshman year of college…changed my mind on that quickly
15. I have a really hard time coming up with facts about me LOL

Yay! I made it through Day One! We’ll see how 2-30 go 🙂

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