Too Much Time…

We’ve had a couple of snow days this week, and while surprise days off are nice, I am just not productive when it is cold at all. I don’t want to do anything except be huddled under a blanket. I’m still working on getting my organization for the new year together, but not have much luck as of yet. I will blame part of it on the madness that is MOC! So much going on and that is where I spend the majority of my time. I do love it though and that’s the main reason I’m stopping by tonight. I wanted to share the last few days of pages that I just got uploaded!


All Dogs Go to Heaven by Little Butterfly Wings Real Life {Dressed Down} by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs


Effervescent by Bella Gypsy The Best is Yet to Come {Dressed Down} by Fiddle-Dee-Dee


Shabby Boho by Etc. by Danyale Shabby Boho Indie Kit by Etc. by Danyale Shabby Boho Word Art by Etc. by Danyale Gypsy by Etc. by Danyale Boho Soul by Etc. by Danyale Beautiful Mess Scatters by Etc. by Danyale Fiddlesticks No. 30 by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs


24 Seven Elements by Just Jaimee 24 Seven Papers by Just Jaimee Storyteller 2016 March Vellum Alpha by Just Jaimee Story Planner January 2016 Sticker by Just Jaimee Days of the Week by Just Jaimee Storyteller May 2017 Stamps by Just Jaimee Stacked Photo Templates – March 2017 Add on by Just Jaimee


Snow Fun by Just Jaimee


Chunky Vellum Alpha – Storyteller January 2018 Add-on by Just Jaimee Click Digital Kit – Storyteller April 2017 Add-on by Just Jaimee


Magic is Something You Make by Valorie Wibbens Magic is Something You Make Journal Cards by Valorie Wibbens Sprinkles v27 by Valorie Wibbens Storyteller 2016 May Alphas by Just Jaimee Topography No. 19 by Valorie Wibbens


Storyteller 2016 May Collection by Just Jaimee Mix It Up Templates 6 by Scrapping with Liz

So fun!! My MOC pages are always ones that become some of my favorites for the year! Even the ones that stretch and challenge me a bit! It’s called Month of Challenges for a reason!

I need to get a few other places updated tonight, but I’ll be back to share some new goodness this weekend!! Hope you have a wonderful Friday ahead! Peace, out…


Simply Saturday…

I absolutely love Saturdays! There is something so calm and peaceful about them…no rushing around, no stress. Even time to come here and blog!

I have never been one to do much with a “one little word” for the year. I mean, I usually start the year thinking about something I would like to focus on, but I’ve never taken it much farther than that. This year, I decided that I really need to not only choose a word, but really focus on what it means in my life. Over the Christmas Break, I was watching some Instagram stories from people I follow and they were talking a lot about a #lighttheworld campaign. It really made me stop and think and ultimately led to me choosing Light as my word for this year. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me in several different ways. I’m going to spend some time jotting down all the ways that light impacts my life and my hope is to blog regularly about how I am focusing on light in my life.

To start things off, I created this page for River~Rose Designs this week, who created an amazingly perfect kit!! It’s called Be A Light:


Be A Light by River~Rose Edgy and Angled by Crystal LIvesay

Among the things that I have had in my thoughts regarding light are ways in which I can lighten up in my life. Being a part of Simple Scrapper has helped me focus on some of those ways as far as my scrapbooking goes, and in other areas! The Simple Scrapper Premium Membership provides amazing content and support for being purposeful and productive without getting bogged down.

I love being a part of the team at Simple Scrapper. I really feel like it helps me to create some meaningful, purposeful layouts and inspires me to create pages that I may not have thought of otherwise. The Premium Membership offers exclusive content and a supportive, generous, and inspiring community. Some of the benefits include a private Facebook group, Spark Magazine, chats, podcasts, sketches, and story starters. Totally awesome! And here are my pages for this month:


My Wish For You by Amber LaBau


Stay Weird Collab by Etc by Danyale and Little Butterfly Wings

There are just so many amazing resources that go along with a Simple Scrapper Premium Membership! It is totally worth checking in to and trying out!!

So, that’s it for me today! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!! Peace, out…

Happy Friday!!

I’m sitting here listening to it rain, not freezing for a change, and dreading the cold that is coming in later tonight. Such is winter I guess. It was so nice today. Temperatures got up in to the 60’s and even though it was raining, it was wonderful after the long cold spell we had. I just keep telling myself that it’s kind of like childbirth (not quite as painful, but almost), it won’t last forever…every day that goes by is one day closer to spring!

Anyway, enough about the weather. I really just stopped by to share a few of the pages I completed this week while these amazing kits are still on sale!


New Things by Just Jaimee


Boho Soul by Etc by Danyale and The Way It Is Templates by Lynn Grieveson


Effervescent by Bella Gypsy The Best is Yet to Come {Dressed Down} by Fiddle-Dee-Dee

The Month of Challenges (MOC) is still going strong and everyone is doing such a fantastic job! I’ll come back maybe tomorrow and update all those layouts!

I did finally get my first week of PL done for 2018!! Exciting. I’m switching it up a bit this year to see how I like it and if I can keep caught up! I used Just Jaimee’s Pocket Page Templates for January.


And for now, I am off to dream land!! Hope you all are having a fantastic Friday night! Until next time, peace, out…

Friday, y’all…

It’s Friday!! Of course it hasn’t been much of a work week for me! We went to school on Wednesday on a 2 hour delay, and have been off ever since due to the extreme cold. Most of that time for me has been spent babysitting my water pipes that like to freeze up when it gets too cold. My poor hairdryer is worn out! I think I am really craving routine though. I’m having a tough time structuring my day and spend too much time getting lost in rabbit holes online.

But, I have done some scrapping because…BYOC and MOC! The colors in this month’s BYOC at The Lilypad are so gorgeous! Here are the pages I’ve done with it:


A New Chapter Mixed Media Papers by Dawn Inskip A New Chapter Elements by Dawn Inskip A New Chapter Artsy Extras by Dawn Inskip Real Life {Dressed Down} by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs


This is the Real Me Papers by Etc. by Danyale This is the Real Me Elements by Etc. by Danyale Clean and Simple n28 by Sabrina’s Creations


Shoot for the Moon Papers by Becca Bonneville Shoot for the Moon Elements by Becca Bonneville Clean and Simple n28 by Sabrina’s Creations


And I am keeping up with MOC so far! If you haven’t joined in, you really should…it’s a lot of fun and community spirit!


Focus Collection by Sabrina’s Creations


Stay Weird Collab Bundle by Etc. by Danyale and Little Butterfly Wings Sketch by Dawn Inskip


Ready Set Go by One Little Bird Real Life {Dressed Down} by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs


Off We Go by Amber LaBau Templates – Big Photo by Just Jaimee


Off We Go by Amber LaBau Off We Go Pocket Cards by Amber LaBau Storyteller 2016 March Pocket Page by Just Jaimee Inked Alpha by Pink Reptile Designs

I’m hoping to pick up my big camera some more starting tomorrow and get to work on my PL for 2018. I have a start on it but not sure I’m happy. I need to think on it haha.

Hoping to have more to share soon. Have a wonderful weekend!! Peace, out…

New Year…

Wow, I didn’t actually realize how long it had been since I posted here. I honestly think the whole month of December was a blur! I have thought about it quite a bit, just never made the commitment to sit down and post. I’ve spent the last day or so reorganizing everything, creating new pages for the new year and coming up with ideas to get me posting here more often. We’ll see if it sticks!

I finished up my Life in Pockets for 2017 and you can see it all HERE. Well, all but one week I am finishing up. I’m not sure why I got stuck on that week, but I’ll insert it when it’s done. I also started my Life in Pockets for 2018. I have the cover done and will start on pages next weekend. I’m excited for a new year.

I also started and finished Document Your December for 2017 and you can see that HERE. I only went through the 25th because honestly we haven’t done a whole lot since then.

I’m not going back and add all the layouts I’ve done in December. I’m just far too lazy. But I hope to keep up better from now on. I plan to add the blog to my list of layout upload places and that should make it easier :).

And if you’re looking for some excitement – It’s MOC time at The Lilypad! 31 days, 31 challenges! If you complete them all you get a $20 gift certificate to The Lilypad and a chance at a Polly spot! It’s a sweet gig, I tell ya! Under my scrap pages, I added a section just for my MOC layouts! I love participating and stretching myself out of my comfort zone! It’s always exciting to see the challenges pop up every day! If you haven’t signed up, you really should! It’ll be fun, I promise!

Ok… I’m out for now. Just wanted to post a little update and get myself on track! Hope to be back soon! Until then, peace, out…


And time goes by…

Time goes by a whole lot quicker than I think it does sometimes. I hope that Thanksgiving was a blessed one for all those who celebrated. We went to my mom’s for dinner on Wednesday and then had a quiet dinner of leftovers here on Thursday. We took the time to get the Christmas decorations up and the house looking festive! I am really tickled with all the scrapping I got done this past week as well. If you haven’t seen the amazing Black Friday deals going on you really need to check them out!! Here’s a few of the amazing kits you can find on sale right now!


Stay Weird Collab Bundle by Etc. by Danyale and Little Butterfly Wings


Frozen in Time : Collection by Dawn Inskip Star of Wonder {Dressed Down} by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs


Storyteller 2017 December Collection by Just Jaimee Storyteller 2016 July Sketched Templates by Just Jaimee


January Stuff by Allison Pennington Clippy Frames v. 4 by Allison Pennington Star of Wonder {Dressed Down} by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs Fancy Whites Papers by Pink Reptile Designs


Mod Holiday by River~Rose Christmas Wishes Templates by Crystal Livesay


Silver and Gold Collection by River~Rose Mix It Up Vol 2 by Crystal Livesay


Chapter 5 – New Traditions by Etc. by Danyale Oh Deer 2 {Dressed Down} by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs

And there is even more coming for Cyber Monday! I am seriously behind on PL, so I hope to spend the day tomorrow getting caught up on that before it’s time to dive in to December Daily! I need to work on a few foundation pages for that! Just a quickie from me today before I head off to bed. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!! Peace, out…

Sunday Fun Day!

I’m really hoping that this day does turn out to be super fun! We have a special party planned. We found out when my oldest was 12 that he is color blind. It sure explained a lot of the arguments I had with him as a child over his clothes matching and what color the moon was. Part of me felt really bad because all that time I had thought he was just kind of being a pain. The biggest issue it caused for him was when he joined the military and the list of jobs he could do shrank to 3. But, that’s what led him to his life as a Paramedic and teacher. Things do sometimes happen for a reason. Fast forward and he is now 26. For his birthday last June, my husband and I, his dad and stepmom, and my mom all went in together and bought him a gift certificate to get a pair of Enchroma glasses. If you haven’t heard of them, they are supposed to help people who are color blind to see many of the colors they haven’t seen before, or at least see them in all their richness. He ordered them a few weeks ago and they arrived on Tuesday. Today we are all meeting at mom’s for a “color reveal” party. I am so excited for him and I really and truly hope that he is one of the 80% who actually sees a difference! At least they offer a money back guarantee if they don’t work. We’re all looking forward to it.

But, while I have a few minutes, I thought I’d stop by here, share the story, and add a few pages I worked on with some awesome new releases this week.

DYD is happening at The Lilypad! I absolutely love documenting December! This will be my 6th year doing it and it is one of my favorite projects of the year! I’ll talk more about it as December approaches, but I did get my cover done for this year!!



Just Jaimee has a super fun kit out this weekend as well – Dogs! This is my sweet baby!


Dogs by Just Jaimee Dogs Journal Cards by Just Jaimee Dec 2016 Sketched Template by Just Jaimee


And over at The Sweet Shoppe, River~Rose has an absolutely gorgeous new kit – Flurries. It almost makes me like snow haha


Flurries Collection by River~Rose April Champions Template by Crystal Livesay


I spent some time last night catching up on PL. I just have this week to do and I am up to date. You can see all those pages HERE.

I’m going to spend the rest of my free time today working on some December foundation pages so that I have a jump on it before December actually gets here!

Hope you have an amazing rest of your weekend!! Peace, out…

Life Happens…

So yeah, it’s been awhile. We’ll just say that life happens and this time it was mostly football season. It consumed my every evening and every weekend since July. It all came to an end after last weekend when they lost out in the playoffs. We then spent Monday and Tuesday trying out for basketball. He didn’t make the team, but it was a really good experience for him. Anyway, I finally finding a little time to catch up on a few things. I got my Scrap Pages updated with all of the layouts since my last visit and I’m working on catching up with my Life in Pockets spreads.

I only really got one page done for this week and it was with Just Jaimee’s November Storyteller Collection. If you are not a subscriber, you are missing out on some fabulous designs and some awesome add-ons!!


Storyteller 2017 – November Collection by Just Jaimee DSD Grab Bag by Sara Gleason and Crystal Livesa

I’m going to head out for tonight, but since I have my evenings back now, I hope to get here a lot more often. Until next time…peace, out….


Oh wow, it’s been a while since I was this glad to see Friday come!! Can I be real for a second? I love what I do, really, but weeks like this really test my sanity. I’m not sure if there was just something in the air or what, but the kids have been out there…like, way out there! I’m exhausted. But it’s Friday, there was no football practice, and I’m chilling in my PJ’s and hanging out online while I listen to the 12 year old yelling at a video game. Yep, he’s out there, too…wherever “there” is. I would almost swear it’s a full moon, but I know it’s not. Anyway, I thought I’d swing by and share my pages for this week. There’s some awesome new stuff in the stores and you don’t wanna miss getting it while it’s on sale!

Just Jaimee has an amazing Add-on to the September Storyteller called Hello Autumn. It is so gorgeous!!


Hello Autumn by Just Jaimee


I am totally in love with Friday Night Lights by ForeverJoy Designs. I seriously could scrap with this one for days with all the football photos I have! These are from the Jason Witten Football Camp that C went to this summer.


Friday Night Lights by ForeverJoy Designs and Scrap the Lot 2 by Lynne Grieveson


Friday Night Lights by ForeverJoy Designs and Scrap the Lot 2 by Lynne Grieveson


And I absolutely adore Happening Now by River~Rose! Such a beautiful kit!! I paired it with some fantastic new templates from Crystal Livesay – Last Days of Summer. This is my little grandson waving at me as he pushes his stroller around the football practice field.


Happening Now by River~Rose and Last Days of Summer by Crystal Livesay


I have some catching up to do on PL and I hope to get that done after football games tomorrow. This week has been so crazy that my planner is laying in front of me completely blank and empty. No stickers or even any writing. It looks so sad. I’m going to have to get on that as well. So, that’s it for me today! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! Peace, out…

What’s old is new again…

It’s SOSN at The Lilypad!! Just running by really quick to share a couple of pages I did for this week’s SOSN sale. You can grab these kits and much more 50% off right now!!

Sundara by Etc. by Danyale


Sundara by Etc. by Danyale Wonderful You Template by Lynn Grieveson


Go Team Papers and Elements by Little Butterfly Wings

Press Play #5 by Lynne-Marie


Go Team Papers by Little Butterfly Wings Go Team Elements by Little Butterfly Wings Press Play #5 by Lynne-Marie

I’ll be back later this week with new goodness!! Can’t wait to share! Have a great rest of your evening!! Peace, out…