Stories to tell….

Oh my, the stories to tell. First of all, just to let you all know…there are still honest good people in the world! Really, there are! Last Thursday I went to my own personal hell…WalMart. I didn’t want to be there, I was tired and the forecast was calling for snow so you know every Tom, Dick, and Harry was there thinking they need to buy 15 gallons of milk and  45 loaves of bread because well, 4 inches of snow might just keep us stranded for a month or so *eye roll*. But anyway, I got what I needed and got out of there with a just a shred of sanity left. I got home and proceeded to take my frustration at WalMart out on my Facebook page and went to bed. Fast forward to Friday morning…I’m late for work and heading out the door. Wait, where’s my purse? Gotta be in the car, I just left it there when I carried in groceries. Nope. Not in the car! Holy crap…the only other place I could have left it is in the buggy in WalMart parking lot! Expletives are flying, kids are being tossed in to the car and I start out on the snowy, hilly, curvy roads. I call DH and ask him to please call WalMart on the off chance someone found it…I can’t look up their number and drive in that crap. He calls back a few minutes later and says they do have it! small sigh of relief! I really thought it would be long gone. So I spend the day thinking about what credit card companies I’m going to have to call, and what all I will have to replace, and how much of a headache this is all going to be. I get to WalMart Friday afternoon and head to the counter feeling like a complete idiot and retrieve my purse. I thank them profusely and have a peek inside. OMG…everything is still in there…wallet, credit cards, trash, cookie crumbs, wooden steak skewers that DH had to have from some restaurant! A customer had found it and turned it in…amazing. Wish I could thank them personally for restoring a little faith in the human race! I guess I needed that!
Now, rewind to the drive from work to WalMart Friday afternoon. I’m coming in to town on the highway…not a deserted stretch of road…but a fairly heavily traveled highway for this area. I’m thinking about what all is going to be missing from my purse and I look over to the side of the road. There’s a truck stopped at the intersection of one of the side roads and this highway. Not well off the road, just at the edge of the highway. The driver’s door opens and some guy steps out of the truck……completely and totally NAKED from the waist down!!! Keep in mind it’s 20 degrees with a windchill in the single digits! That image is burned in to my brain for eternity I’m sure! I laughed so hard, still giggle thinking about it. I was telling a friend about it and she said “well, did you stop and ask how’s it hangin?” LOL I said “OMG it was 20 degrees, I don’t think anything was hangin”. I cannot stop thinking..WHY?? I guess I needed that laugh that day as well!!
So anyway, I just had to share…hope everyone is having a great week…I’ll be back….

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