Week 6…

I can’t believe we are already up to Week 6 of the new year. Time is flying by! I am still loving the more clean and simple style that I decided to go with for Project Life this year. These templates by Scrapping with Liz are fantastic and I always adore Just Jaimee’s Storyteller Collections!

Here are weeks 5 & 6:

Don’t judge the Christmas pillow still on my couch. Chance does not want me to put it away just yet haha. Maybe he will let it go by summer 🙂

Hope you all are having a fantastic week and making lots of memories!! Until next time, peace, out…

Life in Pockets…

Hope you’re having a great week! I had to look to see the last time I updated with Life in Pockets pages,  and I see that I’m actually not that far behind. This is the reason I love using Just Jaimee’s Ready to Go Templates! They make being caught up and staying caught up so easy! I haven’t gotten more than a couple of weeks behind this year and we are just about at the half way point. Wow, that’s hard to believe!

Anyway, I thought I would stop by today and share my latest pages! This is such a fun project and I am so glad I started it! Now to find time to go back and try to catch up on the years I missed!


Are you doing any tome of Life in Pockets or Project Life? I’d love to see your work! Thanks for taking the time to look! Peace, out…

Documenting Life…

Happy Friday and Happy February!! So glad to have the weekend here!! It’s been a miserably cold week and it makes doing anything less than enjoyable! I’m looking forward to the next few days of much warmer weather!

I thought I’d pop in today and share my Project Life progress for this year so far!! I’m super excited to be in my 7th year of PL. I was kind of up in the air about my format for this year, but in the end I decided to go back to using Just Jaimee’s Ready-to-go pages. I know that I can keep track using those and not fall far behind. They are so easy and so quick! I adore them! The weekly cards I’m using this year are Weekly Vol. 1 by Designed by Soco. Here is what I have so far:


I’m loving it so far and will be working on Week 5 this weekend! I hope you all enjoy your weekend!! Peace, out…

I did it…

I got my PL all caught up for this year, even including this week!! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me! Last week, I was 10 weeks behind. I have never been that far behind! Ok, so there is one missing week. I don’t know what it is about September, but I am sorely lacking photos in September every single year! I think it has to do with getting back in the swing of work and school. I will go back and finish that page when I figure out what I’m going to do about the lack of photos…maybe a lot of journaling! But for now, I fee complete and ready to move on from here!

You can check out all my pages HERE, but I’ll share the ones I’ve done for October


Now on to all the other things on  my to-do list!! Hope you all have a great upcoming week! Thanks for looking, and until next time, peace out…

Catching Up…

I’m still a little behind on Project Life for this year, but I hope to be caught up in no time. I just thought I’d drop by today and share the most recent pages I’ve done. It’s so fun to look back through the years and see what was going on at various stages. Some things stay the same and some things change so much!! You can check out my entire album with credits here – Life in Pockets 2018.


Hope you are having a lovely week!!

Moving right along…

Not so much here, but in life I guess I’m moving right along. I’m taking a class this semester on Google Classroom and Google Suite, so any and all spare time I have had has been spent on that. My new year plan for posting more regularly has kind of fallen by the wayside for right now. Maybe I need to stop thinking and planning and just do.

Anyway, I thought I’d stop by before bed time tonight and share a couple of new pages for this week.

This one is using Just Jaimee’s Storyteller 2018 – March Collection! I can’t wait to see it come to life in my PL pages!

Storyteller 2018 March Collection by Just Jaimee Templates – Storyteller 2017 June Add-on by Just Jaimee


And this page is using the new Perspective by River~Rose

Perspective by River~Rose Stand by Me Collab by Crystal Livesay and Two Tiny Turtles


I am working on this week’s pages, but other than that my PL is up to date. I have been going back and using some older JJ templates this year, instead of the Ready to Go pages. I am kind of missing them, but looking forward to a new look in my book I just had my 2017 book printed and I am loving going through it!! Here are the last couple of weeks:





Hopefully I’ll be back soon. I’m hoping to get a planner update done in the next couple of days!! Thanks for looking!!

Sunday Funday…

It’s actually been a really quiet calm Sunday, and I really needed that!! Yesterday we had to be at a salute to the military and first responders during the football games and then C and I went to the movies with A and M last night. We went to see IT in IMAX. Really cool, if you haven’t seen it. But I still love Tim Curry as Pennywise!

Anyway, I thought while I was having some quite time I would come by here and share a few layouts. I didn’t scrap any new releases this week because it was so hectic, but I did upload a couple that I had done earlier.

This first one is done with for Amber LaBau’s blog template challenge! I also used it for the Random Challenge at The Lilypad. I used Wonderful You by Amber LaBau. It’s a fantastic template and you can get it for free on her blog!


This page uses Amber LaBau’s featured product for September – In the Orchard. If you create a page with this kit by September 30th, you have a chance to win $10 to her store! You can check out the details on her blog!


I’ve already scrapped a couple of pages for next week, so I will have something new to share then!

I got caught up on another week of PL today, too! Here is Week 35


That will wrap things up for me today! Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!! Peace, out…

Happy Labor Day…

It’s been a really low key Labor Day around here. I did some laundry, mopped the floor, and took a nap…perfect. I was also able to scrap a few pages and print some stickers.

I just thought I’d drop by and share my PL pages for the last few weeks. I still have the spread for this week to do and I’m all caught up again, but it will probably have to wait until next week.

All of my pages for this year use Just Jaimee’s Ready to Go pages!! They are a life saver for me. All I have to do is add photos and journaling and I’m done. Sometimes I change things up a bit, but if I’m in a bind, I don’t have to. They are seriously amazing!!


And while I’m here… I’m going to try to stay more of top of sharing my planner pages. For those I use Just Jaimee’s Story Planner kits. They are amazing as well. I’ve been printing the stickers for my desk planner and also making a pocket planner for my purse using all the contents of these kits.


And that’s it from me for today. I hope you have all had a fantastic Labor Day weekend and the upcoming week treats you well!! Peace, out…

Sundays are for…

Relaxing, catching up, couching. That’s what Sundays are for. I haven’t gotten to the couching part yet, because DH is hogging it up! I’m going to kick him off of there soon!! But, I thought I’d take the time that I have and come by here and share some layouts for the week. It’s not to late to catch a lot of these awesome designs on sale!

Fête | Bundle by Sahin Designs Glitz Template by Anita Designs
Crystal’s Layered Templates Set 2 by Crystal Livesay At Summer’s End by Studio Basic
Work It Girl Kit by Just Jaimee Work It Girl Journal Cards by Just Jaimee Storyteller 2016 November – Template Pack by Just Jaimee
A Stacked Mess Borders + Clusters – Storyteller January 2017 Add-on by Just Jaimee Stacked Frames – Storyteller January 2017 Add-on by Just Jaimee
Man of the Moment by Etc. by Danyale Movie Time Template by Sabrina’s Creations
Evolving by River~Rose and Sugary Fancy Stray Paper Template by Crystal Livesay
Embrace the Crazy by River~Rose Stray Paper Template by Crystal Livesay

I’m still playing along with MOC at The Lilypad! I’m caught up to today and will try to get that layout done after some couching 🙂 Here’s what I’ve done since I last posted:

(for full credits, check out my gallery at The Lilypad)

Jan 7: Blind Scrap


Jan. 8: All About…


Jan. 9: Clean and Simple


Jan. 10: Storytelling


Jan.11: Specific Photo


Jan. 12: Filled Template


Jan. 13: One Word


And if that’s not enough, I’m also caught up with PL. Here’s this week’s spread using Just Jaimee’s Ready To Go Pocket Pages:


And now I’m off to remove DH from the couch for a bit. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!! Peace, out…

Crazy busy

I thought we were going to get off easy this year with Halloween being on Saturday. Not so much. Instead, it turned in to a two day ordeal and 3x the make-up. C had to be ready for his Halloween party at school on Friday, and I played with some make-up on myself. Then, right after school, we re-did the make-up and went to work with A at the Rescue Squad’s haunted house. It was a lot of fun, but made for a really long day. We didn’t get home until about midnight. We did make-up again on Saturday for trick-or-treat. I have had my fill of candy :p

Today, we went to mom’s to celebrate my birthday a couple of days early. My sister, her husband, and one of her daughters and her husband came. But the best part was having all 3 of my kids, my daughter-in-law, and my granddaughter all together. We are so seldom any more it seems. Having grown children is different for sure. We are supposed to go out to dinner on Tuesday for my actual birthday. And Thursday is parent/teacher conferences, which means staying at work until 7. Going to be a long week!

Now to update some scrap pages from this weekend… there’s still time to catch them on sale if you hurry!

Be Happy by River~Rose Quick Scraps Vol 6 by Anita Designs
Be Happy by River~Rose
Quick Scraps Vol 6 by Anita Designs


All Year Round - Spookifications by Traci Reed and Jady Day Capricious by Zoliofrope (retired)
All Year Round – Spookifications by Traci Reed and Jady Day
Capricious by Zoliofrope (retired)


Fright Collection by Sahin Designs
Fright Collection by Sahin Designs


Our Journey by River~Rose September Templates by Sahin Designs
Our Journey by River~Rose
September Templates by Sahin Designs


Grateful Papers, Elements, and Alpha by Amy Wolff
Grateful Papers, Elements, and Alpha by Amy Wolff


 A Bit Worn Topography No. 1 by Valorie Wibbens Shabby Fair by Etc. by Danyale Shabby Fair Paint by Etc. by Danyale Alphabet Soup - Shabby Fair by Etc. by Danyale

A Bit Worn Topography No. 1 by Valorie Wibbens
Shabby Fair by Etc. by Danyale
Shabby Fair Paint by Etc. by Danyale
Alphabet Soup – Shabby Fair by Etc. by Danyale


And I caught up on a couple of weeks worth of my Life in Pockets.. All using Pocket Life ’15 – October Collection by Traci Reed and 365Unscripted: Plastic Stitched Grids by Traci Reed.  I am still a little behind, but not too far.

Pocket Life '15 - October Collection by Traci Reed 365Unscripted: Plastic Stitched Grids by Traci Reed

Pocket Life '15 - October Collection by Traci Reed 365Unscripted: Plastic Stitched Grids by Traci Reed

Pocket Life '15 - October Collection by Traci Reed 365Unscripted: Plastic Stitched Grids by Traci Reed

Pocket Life '15 - October Collection by Traci Reed 365Unscripted: Plastic Stitched Grids by Traci Reed

I am also having a go at at mini gratitude album for November using 4×6 Photo Templates by Paislee Press

Front-Cover Nov

Starting on some 2016 Calendar Pages thanks to some fabulous new releases from MEG Designs

January February


I will make a gallery somewhere for them. Hope you all have a great first week of November! Peace, out…


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