Day 2 of 30!

Well, I’m baaaaack. Tuesdays are my long days because I take a Zumba class right after work so I don’t get home until late. Sometimes I really have to drag myself there, but I’m always glad I went when it’s over. What a great time. It doesn’t feel like a workout (at least not til the next day LOL)…it’s just fun!! If  you’ve never tried it, you should give it a go!

So now on to Day 2: Meaning behind my blog name.
Well, IntenseMagic is a screen name that I have used for probably the last 10-12 years. I used to go by hlblyj (Hillybilly Jan…being from WV and all :)). When I decided I needed an updated name I just asked a few friends that I knew online what they thought it should be. I had one tell me that Intense needed to be part of it because I tend to be pretty passionate about things I believe in, and another said Magic because I cast a spell (not sure what that meant)…so I decided on a combination of the two. The scraps part is well, because I love digiscrapping LOL My DH, with his wonderful sense of humor, likes to read it as IntenseMagics Craps hahaha. So, there ya have it…that’s the whole story behind my name 🙂

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