Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I kind of fell off the wagon for a little while, December was kind of a mess of good, bad and busy! My mom was sick for a little while and it was pretty scary. She is on the mend now, but we’re still keeping a watchful eye. Then, on December 5, my newest granddaughter made her entrance in to the world, 3 1/2 weeks early. She is doing great and so precious.

Christmas became a little bit of a crunch but, once break rolled around, I was feeling pretty good about things and getting in the spirit. Then, bam, Christmas Eve at 3am we lost power with temperatures below 0 and -30 wind chills. We don’t lose power here very often, so I figured it would be up and running pretty quick. Was I ever wrong. We ended up without power for 36 hours. All we had was a little space heater to hover over, lots of blankets, and a bunch of rousing games of Trivial Pursuit. We spent Christmas Day opening gifts and trying to stay warm. Chance and I finally left around noon on Sunday to take a shower and cook some food at my mom’s. Then we went to visit the new baby. The power came back while we were gone, but it took a good bit before the house was warm again.

So, that’s where I’ve been. Plus the fact that the internet was out for a couple of days after the power came back. I did manage to get caught up with PL pages and DYD pages. I have those updated for the most part.

Now here we are! I’m mainly dropping by today to share a couple of things I’ve managed to get done in the last few days.

Rachel Jefferies is now a part of Memory Pockets Monthly at The Lilypad and I am so excited for what she brings to this collection! Here is a layout I created using the main kit and her add-ons!

Memory Pockets Monthly – Emerge
 by Sara Gleason, Rachel Jefferies, Mommyish, Designed by Soco, Becca Bonneville, and Allison Pennington
The Mixed Media Signature Mini Mixes | Emerge by Rachel Jefferies
Emerge | Pocket Art Cards by Rachel Jefferies
Emerge | Stitched and Threaded Templates by Rachel Jefferies

I don’t think I touched my planner at all in 2022, but I am determined to change that in 2023. Here is my first page for January!

Memory Pockets Monthly – Emerge by Sara Gleason, Rachel Jefferies, Mommyish, Designed by Soco, Becca Bonneville, and Allison Pennington

And so here we are. Let’s see how I do with keeping up with all of this! Only time will tell 🙂
I hope that you all have a fabulous and safe New Years weekend!!

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