Monday, Monday…

And a snow day!! YAY! It was one of those good ones where school is closed, but the roads here are fine, so we were able to get out and about. Morgan and I took off this morning to go to the nail shop for fill-in and eyebrows, but I realized as I got to the bank that it was MLK Day, so no cash = no nails. We left there and went to a little place called Is Half Enuff. It’s a store that gets mostly QVC stuff and sells it half price. Didn’t find anything there because I’m just not an expensive purse gal. I like to change them too frequently to pay too much for them. All they had were the really expensive ones that even at half price are more than I’m willing to pay. We left there and headed to the mall because I still had a Maurice’s gift card in my wallet burning a hole. I ended up with a dress, a purse, and a wallet šŸ™‚ Good day at the plate…and still have $13 on the card. After that we stopped by mom’s…hadn’t seen her for a couple of weeks. She loaded us down with Pepsi, taco mix, lasagna stuff, and ground beef. It was stuff she had bought for Aaron while he was staying there and since he is pretty much staying with his GF again, it wasn’t being used. Then we picked up Papa John’s and headed home. I quickly got back in to my pjs and haven’t done much since.

We did do our Memory Jar question a little while ago and it was a fun one…

Who would you choose to be stranded on a desert island with?

Randy: Troy Aikman (adding that they could make a football out of a coconut)

Aaron: Taylor Swift

Morgan: Justin Bieber

Me: Matthew McConaughey

School is currently on a 2-hour delay for tomorrow, so a little extra sleep will be nice! It’s gonna be cold. High tomorrow of 19 and low of 7 with wind chills of -8. YUCK!!

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