A little behind…

So, I’m running a bit behind this week and playing catch up! I just added my newest scrap pages and updated my PL page….for last week! I’ll have a new batch of pages and stuff as soon as I get them loaded in to galleries tomorrow 🙂 And I’m getting ready to work on PL for this week. We had a day off today, but not for snow this time. We got pounded by rain yesterday and add that to the bunch of snow we had melting and you get lots of flooding. The county where I work is worse off than we are but it’s been pretty bad everywhere. It took me a couple of hours just to wind my way around town to get to the bank and  home yesterday. Then we got held up by rescuers getting a lady and her son to ended up in the creek and got swept down til they got stuck on an bridge. They were ok.

I had a hair appt today, so we drove 20 miles to find out that my stylist got flooded and no one called me to cancel the appt. So we got take out and just came right back home. I was bummed. Now I’m rescheduled for Tuesday after school.

I’ll be back to update all the goodies for this week. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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