Oh yeah…and…..

LOL I have some layouts that I did last month but wasn’t able to share. I entered the Costume Party Contest at Get Digi With It and basically we all had to assume a different identity and scrap as that person without giving away our real identity. There was Aurora, Mrs. Incredible, Dora, Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy of Kansas, Elvira…to name a few. My alter ego? Of all people…I got Hannah Montana!! LOL Lord knows, I know more than enough about her! Anyway, each week in October we had a different challenge to complete as our character. They had a panel of judges and the costumes were removed and the winners were announced last weekend… I came in 2nd!! I was tickled to death!
Anyway here are the layouts I did as Hannah Montana:

Challenge: One word to describe yourself. The kit is Awesome You by Alma Townsend and the Alpha is by Connie Prince.

Challenge: Favorite Hobby. Kit used is Slap Happy by Connie Prince with Bring on the Bling Alpha by Heather Manning!

Challenge: Scrap where you live. Kit used is Slap Happy by Connie Prince/DigiDiva Designs

Challenge: Scrap your friends. Kit used is Brighter Tomorrows by Alma Townsend and a template by ChrissyW.

4 Replies to “Oh yeah…and…..”

  1. Sounds like that was a fun challenge. Don’t think I would have been able to do Hannah Montana , only thing I know there is what I see on the covers of tabloids at the market. So good for you to be able to keep that up.


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