The End of the Weekend

*Sigh* The end of the weekend and it’s freakin’ cold. Had some snow blowing around last night and today and more to come 😦 It can be pretty to look at but I wish it could be warm and snow LOL. The high temp on Tuesday is supposed to be like 30 degrees…ack! I got up early this morning and went to the mall. One of my favorite stores, BMoss, was having a big sale and I had some birthday clothes to return. They opened at 9, so I was there the minute it opened. The rest of the mall doesn’t open til 1 on Sunday, so I was like the only customer in the whole mall LOL. I am so NOT a female when it comes to shopping! I hate it! Despise it, even! But I was able to hit the mall and WalMart and still be home by 11am 🙂 I was able to do a couple of layouts this weekend…

This was done for a challenge at Groovy Scraps. The kit is by Snowflake Beach Designs.

This was done for the Weeds and Wildflowers Challenge at Digital Scrap Garden. The kit is Mocha Bliss by Dee’s Delightful Designs at Digital Scrap Garden. Template by Misty Cato.

This was done using Grandma Got Run Over by Scraps by Jenn at Been There Scrapped That! It is such a cute cute kit!

3 Replies to “The End of the Weekend”

  1. Hi there,love your new look and all of your layouts. I so know what you mean about the snow, I am dreading it this year, as this year I will be the one having to get out of bed to clear the paths – a MUST in Germany, cause if you don’t and someone falls in front of your house, you pay big time! So hopefully the snow stays away for some time!What happened to your blinkie, I came here to borrow it, to put with Heather’s so it didn’t feel lonely on my blog, and I can’t find it!Bye 4 nowHugsKerri


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