The Big Night!

Well, here it is! The Big Night! Meaning Monday Night Football – Eagles vs Cowboys! LOL Hubby is a huge Cowboys fan and I am a huge Eagles fan and tonight we clash!! Even better when it happens on Monday Night!! Our anniversary is supposed to be Wednesday….I suppose it will happen if we make it through tonight LOL. DD has threatened to leave the house for the night! It will be interesting here for sure!!

Other than that there’s not a whole lot going on around here 🙂 I’ve done a few layouts, so I’ll get them up here!

First of all, Katherine aka Flutter Expressions has entered the design hunt at GDWI so here are a couple of layouts I’ve done with her entries!!

These next two were done using Harvest Fun by Liz – Sweet Digi Scraps at Been There Scrapped That and I used them both at challenges here or there 🙂

This one was done using Heavenly Bliss by Amanda Dykan at Get Digi With It

The next three were done using The Lake House by Sarah Barber at Groovy Scraps

I think that’s all LOL Hope everyone has a great night and wish me luck!!!!

5 Replies to “The Big Night!”

  1. Hi Jan! Here I am wishing you good luck! I hope you get to celebrate on Wednesday! 😉Did I ever say thank you for the sweet award, I still have to get around to posting it on my blog…I have been so busy with the Design contest at DAC, that I keep forgetting, twice I forgot to blog and Florian started worrying that something was up with the kids! oops!Take careHugsKerri


  2. Hi Jan! I hope the both of you made it through last night and will be able to celebrate that anniversary on Wednesday! LOL!Where do you find the time to do ALL those layouts? Or I should say……ALL that absolutely FABULOUS layouts! I love your work!!


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