While I have a minute….

I will take a minute to do a quick update :)Hubby is playing his Playstation and little guy is entertaining the cat! It seems like maybe I am finally getting a bit more caught up on things! I don’t feel like I’m as far behind as I was. Maybe I am and just don’t realize it, but it’s all good!! Had to work late today…. Sheesh, what do they want from us! LOL Do they really think we are paying attention after hours? DD also had an orthodontist appt. today…she chose purple and orange bands….hmmmm….but the tightening doesn’t seem to be bothering her yet like I thought it might! I am loving my new phone 🙂 but don’t get to play on it like I want to!
I’ve been trying to get some layouts done and some challenges! I’ve managed to do a few and have a few left to do for this month!

In CT news…. Get Digi With It is having their grand opening this weekend, so there should be some fun stuff going on there 🙂 Check it out if you get a chance 🙂
And I hear that Digital Scrap Garden has a birthday celebration coming up….. all the posts about it sound really intriguing! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us! It’s such a nice place to call home!!!
Here are some of the layouts I’ve done this week when I’ve had a chance 🙂

This was done using Dust in the Wind by Ladybug Graphix, Frame by Amy Warner Designs, and Heather Manning’s Bring on the Bling Alpha

This was done using The Lake House by Sarah Barber at Groovy Scraps

This was done using Back to School by the designers at Been There Scrapped That. It was the gift for doing Aug Challenges

This was done using Aunt Bee’s Garden by Christine Scraps at Been There Scrapped That.

This was done using Funky Nature by Kathrin Pfetzing aka lauraskathi, Letter B by Dee’s Delightful Designs and a template by Chrissy W.

This was done using Hardy Boy by Flutter Expressions at Been There Scrapped That.

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