Friday Pimpin’ and ramblin’ :)

Happy Friday everyone! Rainy here…blah…was yesterday, too…so I finally got around to cleaning out some closets and stuff YAY LOL. Today I wait on the refrigerator repair man again! Have I mentioned that I have been without a refrigerator since the first week of June…like 7 weeks now!! I have had repair men here 3 times already. I had to wait close to 3 weeks the first time for an appt only for them to say it was one thing and they had to order the part…another 2 week wait for them to come back and fix it. Well, they did…but it wasn’t fixed! Another wait for someone to come figure out why…another problem and another wait! Hopefully it will be fixed today! We’ve been living out of a tiny appt size frig and thank God for the chest freezer we have! But I really miss my ice and water…all summer with no ice!

So now on to the pimpin’! Kristine has 2 great new kits in her store at!!
First up is Colors of Leslie AND if you purchase this kit you get a quick page set for free for a limited time!! There is also a coodinating freebie on Kristine’s blog HERE!!

And the other is Serene!

Kit images are linked 🙂 Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

2 Replies to “Friday Pimpin’ and ramblin’ :)”

  1. hey there! thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad you like that kit – if you make anything with it i'd love to see! great layouts – so very creative! 🙂 Chrissy


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