Sunshiny Day!

It sure is…beautiful sunshine!! Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day 🙂 Pretty much uneventful around here. I started it by cleaning up the house, like I always do on Saturday. As everyone woke up, I passed out Valentine presents 🙂 Randy got an fm transmitter so he can listen to his IPod on the car stereo, Aaron got a gift card and some candy (17 year old boys are impossible to buy for), Morgan got her very own Scentsy warmer for her room and some candy, and Chance got a Batman toy and some candy! Me? Well, besides a hard time…I got my hair done last week (highlights, etc) so I had said since that costs a pretty penny, being blonde again was gift enough for me LOL. My hairdresser had been on maternity leave and I had become brunette …ack! Not that I have anything against brunettes ….. I think some of the most gorgeous women in the world are brunettes….I’m not one of them!
Later in the day, I cooked supper…Pork chops and potatoes….it was delicious and beat the heck out of fighting the crowds at the restaurants!! Aaron went out with his GF for the evening and the rest of us got all beautified and were going to head out for a romantic evening at the Elk’s shooting pool! Well, Chance had a little bit of an upset stomach (too much candy from the day before, no doubt) and no sooner did we get out of the subdivision did he scream “I pooped in my pants!!” Hahahaha in dad’s new Beemer, too!!! I couldn’t help but giggle at that because he has tried to keep it sooo pristine! So, back home we went….Randy and I had a rousing game of golf on the PS3 and I scrapped 🙂

And now on to some scrapping business!
Check out this great kit from WenchdGrafix called Saucy!!

Here is one layout I’ve done with it for an awesome challenge at Digital Scrap Garden. I don’t do OOB very often, but it was fun giving it a try!

Here is another layout I did with HeatherT’s Innocent Surprise….it is sooo beautiful…you can find it at Get Digi With It!! This is Chance at about 3 or 4 months old!

I also did my week 6 layout for my project 365….It is posted on my 365 blog 🙂 Hope everyone has a great end of the weekend!

3 Replies to “Sunshiny Day!”

  1. Love the layouts Jan and the new kit that you used. Sounds like your family got some nice gifts for Valentine’s Day. I got this huge box of bakliva from Michelle, Todd and the girls, they know how I love that sweet stuff, there went my diet, LOL


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