It’s Time!

LOL when I hear that I think of I Love Lucy, when she went into labor!! That show is timeless! But anyway, really I meant it’s time for an update! I need to get the new photos for the last few days on the 365 blog, too, but one thing at a time. Not too much to report around these parts…just staying warm. My kids’ school division has been closed the last two days…not my division though! They think we are impervious to the cold! I feel bad for the kids that had to stand at bus stops this morning. This morning it was -1 with a windchill of about -15. Those shouldn’t be temperatures!! And I know there are many who are worse off than we are!
I do have some layouts to share… I’ve been trying to get a few done as I can!

First up are a couple of layouts I did with the fantastic Mystic Moonlight kit by Sweet Digi Scraps and Colie’s Corner at Been There Scrapped That! They are revamping the site and it looks great!

The next two are from the kit Always Remember – Revisited by Sassy Scraps Designs at Groovy Scraps! Awesome kit!!

The next two are from the kit Love Birds by A+ Designs at Get Digi With It. She RAK’d me with this kit and it is fabulous!

And this layout was done for Ladybug’s Miracle Gro Challenge at Digital Scrap Garden!! What an awesome challenge!

Now, hopefully come Sunday I’ll be able to repost my Eagles win and get to say we are superbowl bound!! Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!!

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