It’s a Great Day

What an awesome day! This has to be one of my most favorite days of the whole year…Daylight Savings Time! I love the extra daylight in the evening. I just have so much more energy when I have more sunlight in my life. I get so lethargic once the sun goes down, and when that happens right after I get home from work, it’s really rather depressing.

But I didn’t really come back today to sing the praises of DST, I wanted to share my newest Life in Pockets pages. I am keeping up fairly well so far. I still have this past week to do, but hopefully I’ll get that done later today. C has basketball practice and I have to shop for my mother’s birthday, but other than that I don’t have much else to do. Thankfully, my morning does not involve shoveling or chipping ice!!

For Week 9, I used all things Valorie Wibbens – For Like Ever Papers, For Like Ever Journal Cards, and Sprinkles V33…all at The Lilypad.

Week-9-L  Week-9-R

I’ve added them to my Life in Pockets page, so everything there should be up to date! I’m on my way to work on some pages for releases coming up this week. Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday!! Peace, out….

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