Another Simple Sunday…

Yep, it’s for sure been awhile. I’m not going to say a word about doing better, because it seems like every time I say that, things happen and I don’t get it done. Suffice to say, life has just been busy and hard. I’ve been doing another job after my regular job and it’s taken every spare moment that I have.

I have also been so bad about coming here to share my layouts for Simple Scrapper, and believe it or not, they are always some of my most favorite!

I love being a part of the team at Simple Scrapper. I really feel like it helps me to create some meaningful, purposeful layouts and inspires me to create pages that I may not have thought of otherwise. The Premium Membership offers exclusive content and a supportive, generous, and inspiring community. So much amazing content! Some of the benefits include a private groups, Spark Magazine, chats, podcasts, sketches, and story starters. Totally awesome!

Here are my layouts for October and November:


There are just so many amazing resources that go along with a Simple Scrapper Premium Membership! It is totally worth checking in to and trying out!!

I’m going to be back in a day or two to share my Document Your December foundation pages and process! Until then, peace, out…

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