Out with the old…

December and 2018 are quickly coming to a close. Christmas has come and gone, and it was wonderful! But now it’s time to look to 2019. I have worked really hard the last few days to finalize both DYD and my PL for 2018, and I did it!! All in the books and ready to start fresh with the new year. Full disclosure that I did actually skip on week of PL this year. It was the first full week in September and I honestly had no photos whatsoever. I blame it on going back to work and just being beat. I was going to try to go back and fill in some things, but in the end decided to just let it go *sings loudly*.

You can find both finished projects on their pages! I have already started new pages for 2019 and a new page for MOC 7! If you don’t know anything about MOC, it’s a challenge a day for the entire month of January! It’s so much fun and I always learn so much! If you complete all 31 challenges, you win a $20 gift certificate to The Lilypad and you will have 31 amazing pages! You can register for MOC here – https://the-lilypad.com/forum/threads/month-of-challenges-7-will-you-accept-the-challenge.59164/ . It is so much fun!! The challenges, the friendship, the support, and the just plain fun!!


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