The last month has surely been a whirlwind. I’m not sure where all the time has gone, but I do know that we’ve been incredibly busy. Baseball has started up, plus I’ve been running C to the dentist. I think we’re up to trip four now. Throw a little babysitting in there and of course IEP season, and I have not had any spare time. I’m working on a  bit of a schedule so that I can try to post a bit more regularly.

This last week, I think I only did like 3 layouts total and they were done pretty early. C had his spring band concert this past week, so we had rehearsal on Monday and concert on Wednesday. I don’t think I got home before bed time any day last week. I have updated my Scrap Page and my PL page to where I am now. I have a couple of weeks of that to catch up on, so not too bad. Here are the pages I did for this last week’s release:

Hop Easter Digital Kit – Storyteller April 2017 Add-on by Just Jaimee Hop Easter Stacked Pocket Cards – Storyteller April 2017 Add-on by Just Jaimee Storyteller 2016 November – Template Pack by Just Jaimee
Page Clippers – Storyteller April 2017 Add-on by Just Jaimee A Stacked Mess Borders + Clusters – Storyteller April 2017 Add-on by Just Jaimee
Life Is Sweet by River~Rose All About That Space Templates by Crystal Livesay

Easter was a bit hectic as well. We did Easter morning, the three of us, and then the other kids were here at different times. I’m kind of glad that today is a bit rainy. It’s the last day I have off and it’s kind of forcing me to stay in the house and relax while catching up on a few things.

I’ll be back…hopefully sooner rather than later!! Thanks for taking a peek!! Peace, out…

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