What a week…

This last week has certainly been a roller coaster!! Normally I love roller coasters, but not particularly the emotional kind. It started with my daughter’s announcement that I’m pretty sure I mentioned in the last post and ended with spending the day yesterday at my uncle’s funeral. Throw a little baseball and some painting in there, and it was one heck of a week. I also have another uncle who is not doing well and will probably not be with us much longer. My dad had 3 brothers and 1 sister. My dad passed away almost 4 years ago, my aunt 2 years ago, and now another. I absolutely think that the hardest part about getting older is losing loved ones and watching them get older, realizing they won’t be here forever.

I guess part of the reason I scrapbook is to remember the good, happy times and divert my attention from the hard times. One of these days, I need to go to my mom’s and gather all the older photos…start preserving those memories. This week I scrapped some older photos and some newer ones. I love going back and picking out memories from when my children were younger, remembering and retelling those stories.

Here’s is some of the awesomeness you can find in the stores this week:

29 Again Papers by Etc. by Danyale 29 Again Elements by Etc. by Danyale 29 Again Alphas by Etc. by Danyale
April Sky Papers by Amy Wolff April Sky Elements by Amy Wolff April Sky Alpha by Amy Wolff Perserved by Sara Gleason
Fueled by Caffeine and Dreams by Valorie Wibbens Sprinkles V42 by Valorie Wibbens Drama Queen Fueled by Valorie Wibbens
Birds of A Feather – April 2016 Collection by Pixels and Company
Mellifluous | papers by MEG Designs Mellifluous | elements by MEG Designs Mellifluous | jounaling cards by MEG Designs
Project Grateful: Indexed by the Project Grateful Team
Graduate Collection by River~Rose Easy Inspiration No. 1 by MEG Designs

Today, I have to get my house cleaned up! It is a complete disaster!! Then I hope to catch up on PL and my planner a bit, if I get some down time. Hope you have a blessed week!! Peace, out…

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