Well, this week started off fantastic. The temperatures were close to 80 every day and it was just beautiful. Then BAM, today it is in the 40’s and supposed to be the same for tomorrow with the possibility of some snow. I am not happy about that. Fortunately, by mid week it’s supposed to be back to the 70’s, so I guess I will survive.

I’ve been working on getting my PL all up to date and just have this week to go, but I thought I’d come by and share some of the fabulous new releases while they are still on sale! My designers out-do themselves week after week!!

March Wolff Pack Papers, Messy Marvin, and Alphas by Amy Wolff
Storyteller 2016 Sketched Templates and Storyteller 2016 Collection by Just Jaimee, and Storyteller 2016 March Collab by Just Jaimee and Valorie Wibbens
Ethereal and Ethereal Journal Cards by MEG Designs, Blockbuster Templates by Jimbo Jambo and Sahin Designs
Whale of a Tale by River~Rose, Blockbuster Templates by Sahin Designs and Jimbo Jambo Desgins
Blockbuster Templates by Sahin Designs and Jimbo Jambo Designs, Drift Off and Joyful Noises by Sahin Designs

And don’t forget to check out the Retirement Sale at The Lilypad. There’s some awesome stuff that is going, going, gone!

Those are some gorgeous kits right there! I had intended to do some playing around in my planner this weekend, but I left it at work!! I didn’t realize how attached to it I had become! I bet I don’t forget it again!!

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend, and Happy Spring!!! Peace, out…

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