Another week, another month, gone by…

Yes, there’s still one more day in February this year, but basically it’s the end, right? I’m done with it and ready for the month that brings Spring and Daylight Savings Time! Bring on March!! We had fabulous 65 degree weather today and it’s supposed to be nice for the next couple of days before turning cold again. But at least I know the cold days are numbered now.

Thought I would swing by and share a few pages for this week and tell you about something fun coming up for this Leap Day!

First up, the pages:

Brilliant by Valorie Wibbens, Drama Queen Brilliant and Limited Edition by Valorie Wibbens
Hello Spring600
Storyteller 2016 March Collection by Just Jaimee
Then She Said by Etc. by Danyale
Monochrome Fall and February Layout Templates by Sahin Designs

And The Lilypad is planning lots of fun and games for Leap Day. There will be an awesome sale going on, with select products at $2.29, games in the forum, and a fun chat tomorrow night. Here are a couple of things you will find on sale tomorrow:

Duly Noted and Downtown Loft 2016 by Amy Wolff
Sugar Sands Beach Kit by Etc. by Danyale

I’m afraid I am going to miss most of it. My son’s basketball team plays for the championship tomorrow night. It’s a double elimination tournament and we haven’t lost yet. So, what that means is that we play at 7…if we win, we are champions and it’s over, if we lose, we play again at 9pm! Really hoping we win that first game or it will be a long night! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening!! Peace, out…

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