Simply Saturday…

I absolutely love Saturdays! There is something so calm and peaceful about them…no rushing around, no stress. Even time to come here and blog!

I have never been one to do much with a “one little word” for the year. I mean, I usually start the year thinking about something I would like to focus on, but I’ve never taken it much farther than that. This year, I decided that I really need to not only choose a word, but really focus on what it means in my life. Over the Christmas Break, I was watching some Instagram stories from people I follow and they were talking a lot about a #lighttheworld campaign. It really made me stop and think and ultimately led to me choosing Light as my word for this year. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me in several different ways. I’m going to spend some time jotting down all the ways that light impacts my life and my hope is to blog regularly about how I am focusing on light in my life.

To start things off, I created this page for River~Rose Designs this week, who created an amazingly perfect kit!! It’s called Be A Light:

Be A Light by River~Rose Edgy and Angled by Crystal LIvesay

Among the things that I have had in my thoughts regarding light are ways in which I can lighten up in my life. Being a part of Simple Scrapper has helped me focus on some of those ways as far as my scrapbooking goes, and in other areas! The Simple Scrapper Premium Membership provides amazing content and support for being purposeful and productive without getting bogged down.

I love being a part of the team at Simple Scrapper. I really feel like it helps me to create some meaningful, purposeful layouts and inspires me to create pages that I may not have thought of otherwise. The Premium Membership offers exclusive content and a supportive, generous, and inspiring community. Some of the benefits include a private Facebook group, Spark Magazine, chats, podcasts, sketches, and story starters. Totally awesome! And here are my pages for this month:

My Wish For You by Amber LaBau
Stay Weird Collab by Etc by Danyale and Little Butterfly Wings

There are just so many amazing resources that go along with a Simple Scrapper Premium Membership! It is totally worth checking in to and trying out!!

So, that’s it for me today! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!! Peace, out…

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