All Caught Up…

Sunday mornings are the one time of the week that I feel like I am caught up on life. At least until everyone else wakes up! The dishes are done, the laundry is done, the house is clean, the shopping is done…you get the idea. It’s probably my very favorite morning of the week. Right now, it’s just me, my coffee, and my laptop. It’s snowing outside. We haven’t had much to speak of this year and I am not complaining one little bit. I’m afraid to say much for fear of jinxing it. But we have had a great winter so far. I keep waiting on the hammer to fall.

I’m also all caught up in the excitement of MOC at The Lilypad – 31 challenges, 31 days. We are up to day 29 now and I have done them all!! I’m also hosting one of the challenges – Combine 2 Templates – so I’m trying to keep caught up with commenting on all the gorgeous pages that have been entered there. My MOC 2017 page is updated with all the layouts for these awesome challenges. Some of them really make me reach out of my comfort zone, but I always learn something new!!

I’m also caught up on getting all my other scrap pages posted here from the last couple of weeks. Here are a few of those:

Templates BIG PHOTO – Storyteller January 2017 Add-on by Just Jaimee Storyteller 2017 January by Just Jaimee
How’s the Weather? Winter Digital Kit – Storyteller January 2017 Add-on by Just Jaimee Storyteller 2016 April – Template Pack by Just Jaimee Lyrics from Long December by Counting Crows
Get Your Lazy On by Amanda Yi, Meghan Mullens, and River~Rose…roductid=35821 Photocentric v1 by Crystal Livesay…roductid=35796
Find Joy by River~Rose Find Joy Extras by River~Rose Find Joy Alphas by River~Rose Photocentric v3 by Crystal Livesay
Everyday Has A Story Bundle by Studio Basic, Two Tiny Turtles, and River~Rose Lots to Say Templates by Crystal Livesay
Simple Things Papers by Pink Reptile Designs Simple Things Elements by Pink Reptile Designs Drip Drop 2 {Dressed Down} by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
Winter Day Bundle by Sahin Designs Days of the Week by Sahin Designs Months of the Year by Sahin Designs Colors of Spring Templates by Anita Designs
Forever and Then Some by River~Rose Crystal’s Layered Templates Set 1 by Crystal Livesay
January 2017 Layout Templates by Sahin Designs Glitz Collection by Sahin Designs and Anita Designs

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