Flashback Friday and Move Forward


I totally missed the whole “Throwback Thursday” thing this week, so I’m going to Flashback on Friday. Seriously, no one will find this quite as amusing as I did, but I’m sharing it anyway. And please ignore the rug.

CaptureIt’s a little hard to see because it was one of those capture it really quick moments. This was 9 years ago, and to this day, every time I make spaghetti I giggle about it. My husband was interfering  being helpful and was going to put the noodles in the pot for me. He opened the box and went to pour them in. Well, I’m a little OCD about how things are done and I always break them before I put them in the pot, and he hadn’t done that. So, as he goes to dump them in, I yell, “WAIT!”. I must have scared the bejeezus out of him because he jumped and slung that box of noodles all over the kitchen! I swear to you, I still giggle every single time I make spaghetti.

And Forward:

I had to take a minute to share that these are the last days for Etc. by Danyale’s sale at Scrap Orchard. So much is going to be gone forever and you just can’t beat these prices. Grab up all the goodness!! And make sure you are following Danyale for all the exciting things that are coming!


I have one layout to share today using new stuff from Amy Wolff Designs – June Wolff Pack Papers and June Wolff Pack Messy Marvin:

June Wolff Pack Paper Pack June Wolff Pack Messy Marvin  by Amy Wolff
June Wolff Pack Paper Pack
June Wolff Pack Messy Marvin
by Amy Wolff

I’ll have more new stuff tomorrow. Today I am off to grocery shop and to C’s end of the year baseball pool party. Have a great Friday! Peace, out…

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