And I say that for a couple of different reasons! We have had very little snow this year, compared to most, but today we are getting pounded. Eight inches or so since this morning with more coming until sometime over night. I was really hoping we’d get off easy this winter and I guess overall we have, but I’m not liking this one little bit. Yes, I am a teacher that doesn’t really like snow days. Sure, days off are nice every now and then. But I would rather take a day off and go do something fun than be trapped in my house, having to get out in the cold and shovel. Call me crazy, but I don’t really consider that fun.

The other reason for my “yikes” is the fact that I haven’t been by here in over a week. I was doing so much better at keeping up. Oh well, I’m here now to play a little catch up with layouts and PL. I have a ton of layouts that I didn’t get uploaded last week and a couple of weeks’ worth of PL. I’m not going to make this post uber long by adding them all here. I will add them to their pages and be done with it for this week. I hope you take time to check them out because these designers out do themselves week after week. I’m also guesting this month for Two Tiny Turtles and am so excited about that. Her templates are simply amazing and you’ll find them in quite a few of the layouts I’ve done in the last couple of weeks. Traci Reed has also released her Pocket Life Collection for February and it is awesome!!

I’m going to get these things uploaded and then watch it snow some more! Hope everyone has a great week! Peace, out!

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