There is something so wonderful about Fridays! C and I started the day with Starbucks because M had told me that the Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte was so much better than the hot, so I had to try it. Ummm no. Just no. I bought a Venti and didn’t even drink half of it. I’ll stick to the hot, thank you very much. Then we jammed out to Flush the Format on the Kidd Kraddick morning show on the radio. I’ll convert Chance to an 80’s music lover yet haha. Work/school went pretty well, and there’s just something about looking forward to the weekend that makes it better. That and being able to wear jeans!

On the way home, we decided to take advantage of the McDonald’s mobile order and pay to get a couple of large drinks and a free medium fry. We’re loving the deals on the app. I don’t cook on Friday. We either do leftovers, pick up something, or throw a pizza in the oven. It’s the one day of the week that we don’t worry about chores or homework or really anything for that matter. We just chill and sometimes get in a little nap!

The other great thing about Fridays is all the awesome new releases around digi-land, so I thought I’d swing by and share a few!!

At The Lilypad, Just Jaimee has this fantastic new add-on to the September Storyeller. It’s called Then and Now and it’s so beautiful!! I paired it up with the Template add-on for September



Over at The Digital Press, Rachel Etrog has an absolutely gorgeous new kit called Storyteller, and I paired it up with some amazing new templates by Akizo Designs called Autumn Leaves 03.



And at Sweet Shoppe Designs, River~Rose has a gorgeous kit called Magical Forest. I paired it up with some fun new templates called Fall Market by Crystal Livesay.



It’s supposed to rain this weekend, so I plan to spend it trying to catch up on my Project Life. I have several weeks that I need to get done and I’m determined!! I hope you all have a great weekend!! Peace, out…

What the…

Trying to wrap my brain around where the last two months have gone! Wow! I barely even remember them passing. Everything at work was just crazy. I finished up a class, had another project to complete, and held tons of meetings. Baseball season was a blur. Chance’s team didn’t do very well, but he had a great time and that’s all that matters. He really loves the game. School ended last Friday and since then I’ve been cleaning out rooms and prepping for a yard sale tomorrow. They are so much work, but I will be glad to be rid of all this junk! I have a one rule when it comes to yard sales…if it goes out of the house, it doesn’t come back in. Whatever doesn’t sell, will be donated or trashed. Once this week is over, it’s really time for summer break to begin!

Other than all of that, I’ve been trying to keep up with some scrapping. I am way behind on project life, but caught up in most other areas, even though there is so much I would love to do! My Scrap Pages is up to date, so if you want to check out what I’ve been up to, you can look there.

I thought I’d drop in while I have a quick minute and share some of the fantastic new releases this weekend!

First up is Collect Moments – Storyteller June 2018 Add-on by Just Jaimee. I paired it with the TLP June Challenge Template by Lynne-Marie.

Collect Moments – Storyteller June 2018 Add-on by Just Jaimee Collect Moments Journal Cards – Storyteller June 2018 Add-on by Just Jaimee June Template Challenge – Template by Lynne-Marie

Next is Ms. Gorgeous by Cornelia Designs and paired with her Be Bold, Be You Templates.

Ms. Gorgeous | Collection by Cornelia Designs Be Bold, Be You Templates by Cornelia Designs

And last but certainly not least is Hello Happy Collection by River~Rose. I paired this one with June Bingo Templates by Crystal Livesay.

Hello Happy Collection by River~Rose June Bingo Template by Crystal Livesay

And now that crazy time is over, I hope to have more time for blogging, so I will be back soon! For now, I’m off to do a little reading before I finish setting up for the yard sale! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! Peace, out…

April Showers…

We are having a lovely rainy day here today. Why do I say lovely? Well, for starters, it’s not snow!! And a long time ago, I was walking my daughter in to kindergarten, grumbling about the rain when she looked up at me and said, “But mommy, if it didn’t rain, there wouldn’t be any puddles to jump in”. I have never looked at rain the same since. We had a crazy busy week, so I’m taking the rain today as a sign to slow down and catch up on a few indoor things that I’ve been neglecting. Plus, I’m getting a little time to scrap and to come by here!

I wanted to take a minute to share what’s new this weekend and the layouts I’ve created!

Wish Digital Kit – Storyteller April 2018 Add-on by Just Jaimee
All About that Space Templates by Crystal Livesay
Wish Digital Kit – Storyteller April 2018 Add-on by Just Jaimee
A Full Life {Dressed Down} by Fiddle-Dee-Dee
Fairy Wings Collection by River~Rose
Mix it Up Vol3 by Crystal Livesay


I’m a little behind on PL right now but only a couple of weeks. I hope to get them caught up quickly. I also have a couple of other layouts for Simple Scrapper that I need to upload and share, but I’ll be back with those 🙂 I hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend!! Until next time…peace, out…

Oh Spring…

Spring just keeps popping in here for a day and giving us a little taste and then runs off again. We had a winter with pretty much no snow and now we are getting ready for our second winter storm since the first day of Spring. I am not a fan. I am not a cold weather person. I do not like snow, especially if there is a chance I will have to drive in it. But I don’t reckon there is anything much I can do about it, so we bought a bunch of snacks and we’ll just hunker down for the weekend.

I know I haven’t been by here for a couple of weeks, but I have been trying to stay on top of a class that I’m taking this semester and do a little scrapping here and there. I wanted to make sure that I got here to share some amazing new releases this week.

Hoppy Easter – Storyteller 2018 March Add-on by Just Jaimee
Hoppy Easter Journal Cards – Storyteller 2018 March Add-on by Just Jaimee
Templates – Storyteller 2018 January Add-on by Just Jaimee
Spring Rhapsody by Etc. by Danyale
Boho Soul Paint and Doodles by Etc. by Danyale
Boho Soul Kit by Etc. by Danyale
March Challenge Template by Dawn Inskip
In My Garden by River~Rose / Mix It Up V3 by Crystal Livesay


And I also wanted to tell you about the amazing Retirement Sale going on at The Lilypad!! There are some gorgeous designs that are going, going, gone! Make sure you take a peek and get them while you can.

Army Forever by Paula Kesselring Grow with Love – Letters Edition {March} by Sara Gleason and Crystal Livesay
Bite Me by Allison Pennington and Valorie Wibbens Grow with Love – Kids by Sara Gleason and Crystal Livesay
Olive Tree by Sara Gleason Grow with Love – Letters Edition {June} by Sara Gleason and Crystal Livesay


I’m going to do some PL catch up this weekend and get my Planner set up. It’s been awhile since I updated photos of it here. I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend! Until next time…peace, out… 🙂

Moving right along…

Not so much here, but in life I guess I’m moving right along. I’m taking a class this semester on Google Classroom and Google Suite, so any and all spare time I have had has been spent on that. My new year plan for posting more regularly has kind of fallen by the wayside for right now. Maybe I need to stop thinking and planning and just do.

Anyway, I thought I’d stop by before bed time tonight and share a couple of new pages for this week.

This one is using Just Jaimee’s Storyteller 2018 – March Collection! I can’t wait to see it come to life in my PL pages!

Storyteller 2018 March Collection by Just Jaimee Templates – Storyteller 2017 June Add-on by Just Jaimee


And this page is using the new Perspective by River~Rose

Perspective by River~Rose Stand by Me Collab by Crystal Livesay and Two Tiny Turtles


I am working on this week’s pages, but other than that my PL is up to date. I have been going back and using some older JJ templates this year, instead of the Ready to Go pages. I am kind of missing them, but looking forward to a new look in my book I just had my 2017 book printed and I am loving going through it!! Here are the last couple of weeks:





Hopefully I’ll be back soon. I’m hoping to get a planner update done in the next couple of days!! Thanks for looking!!

New Year…

Wow, I didn’t actually realize how long it had been since I posted here. I honestly think the whole month of December was a blur! I have thought about it quite a bit, just never made the commitment to sit down and post. I’ve spent the last day or so reorganizing everything, creating new pages for the new year and coming up with ideas to get me posting here more often. We’ll see if it sticks!

I finished up my Life in Pockets for 2017 and you can see it all HERE. Well, all but one week I am finishing up. I’m not sure why I got stuck on that week, but I’ll insert it when it’s done. I also started my Life in Pockets for 2018. I have the cover done and will start on pages next weekend. I’m excited for a new year.

I also started and finished Document Your December for 2017 and you can see that HERE. I only went through the 25th because honestly we haven’t done a whole lot since then.

I’m not going back and add all the layouts I’ve done in December. I’m just far too lazy. But I hope to keep up better from now on. I plan to add the blog to my list of layout upload places and that should make it easier :).

And if you’re looking for some excitement – It’s MOC time at The Lilypad! 31 days, 31 challenges! If you complete them all you get a $20 gift certificate to The Lilypad and a chance at a Polly spot! It’s a sweet gig, I tell ya! Under my scrap pages, I added a section just for my MOC layouts! I love participating and stretching myself out of my comfort zone! It’s always exciting to see the challenges pop up every day! If you haven’t signed up, you really should! It’ll be fun, I promise!

Ok… I’m out for now. Just wanted to post a little update and get myself on track! Hope to be back soon! Until then, peace, out…


Sundays are for…

Relaxing, catching up, couching. That’s what Sundays are for. I haven’t gotten to the couching part yet, because DH is hogging it up! I’m going to kick him off of there soon!! But, I thought I’d take the time that I have and come by here and share some layouts for the week. It’s not to late to catch a lot of these awesome designs on sale!

Fête | Bundle by Sahin Designs Glitz Template by Anita Designs
Crystal’s Layered Templates Set 2 by Crystal Livesay At Summer’s End by Studio Basic
Work It Girl Kit by Just Jaimee Work It Girl Journal Cards by Just Jaimee Storyteller 2016 November – Template Pack by Just Jaimee
A Stacked Mess Borders + Clusters – Storyteller January 2017 Add-on by Just Jaimee Stacked Frames – Storyteller January 2017 Add-on by Just Jaimee
Man of the Moment by Etc. by Danyale Movie Time Template by Sabrina’s Creations
Evolving by River~Rose and Sugary Fancy Stray Paper Template by Crystal Livesay
Embrace the Crazy by River~Rose Stray Paper Template by Crystal Livesay

I’m still playing along with MOC at The Lilypad! I’m caught up to today and will try to get that layout done after some couching 🙂 Here’s what I’ve done since I last posted:

(for full credits, check out my gallery at The Lilypad)

Jan 7: Blind Scrap


Jan. 8: All About…


Jan. 9: Clean and Simple


Jan. 10: Storytelling


Jan.11: Specific Photo


Jan. 12: Filled Template


Jan. 13: One Word


And if that’s not enough, I’m also caught up with PL. Here’s this week’s spread using Just Jaimee’s Ready To Go Pocket Pages:


And now I’m off to remove DH from the couch for a bit. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!! Peace, out…

How did it get to be December?

Gahhh I’m not really sure how it got to be December! Wow! I am seriously feeling behind on life right now. Yep, all of life. I do have a good bit of shopping done and some wrapping. My goal is to be done before Christmas break starts in a couple of weeks, but we’ll see if that happens. I’d like to be able to relax and enjoy my time off this year 🙂

With all the Christmas scrapping I’ve been doing lately, it’s felt like 100 Christmases already hahaha. But seriously, if you have not seen this month’s BYOC at The Lilypad, you are missing out. It’s amazing! Here are a few of the layouts I did this week:

Shimmer Elements by One Little Bird Shimmer Papers by One Little Bird Fancy Whites Papers by Pink Reptile Designs Ink Pad Alpha by Pink Reptile Designs Winter Talk by Pink Reptile Designs Beautifully Remembered Templates by Scrapping With Liz
Felted Holiday Elements by Etc. by Danyale In Stitches Elements by Etc. by Danyale Gilded Winter Elements by Amy Wolff Gilded Winter Papers by Amy Wolff Comfy Cozy {Dressed Down} by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
Holly Papers and Elements by Amber LaBau
Year In Review Accents by Just Jaimee Year In Review Photo Collage Templates by Just Jaimee Year In Review Journal Cards by Just Jaimee Storyteller 2016 December Papers by Just Jaimee


At The Digital Press this week is the latest edition of Project Grateful – Joy

Joy by The Project Grateful Team


Also new at The Digital Press this week are these awesome kits from River~Rose and MEG Designs.

Merry Little Christmas Papers, Elements, and Extras by River~Rose
31 Days in December Tags, Templates, and Papers by MEG Designs


With the exception of today, I am up to date on my Document Your December layouts, but behind on Life in Pockets. I hope to get that updated in the next week or so, but we are tied up most days this week with band concerts and such. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…repeat…. Have a wonderful week!!! Peace, out…

From my happy place…

We are at the beach for the Thanksgiving holiday and it’s been awesome. Temperatures have been mid 70’s perfect and I got a little Christmas shopping done. I just hate that it’s about over and we are headed back to the cold, but hopefully we’ll be back soon. I thought I’d take a few minutes while I’m relaxing on our last night here to share some amazing newness in the shops this weekend. I think this is the most layouts I’ve scrapped in a week for awhile.

Check out these amazing new designs that you can still catch on sale at The Lilypad:

I solemnly swear {Bundle} by Etc. by Danyale and Little Butterfly Wings Storyteller 2016 :: Sketched Templates – September Add-on by Just Jaimee
Storyteller 2016 :: Sketched Templates – December Add-on by Just Jaimee Storyteller 2016 December Collection by Just Jaimee
November Wolff Pack Papers by Amy Wolff November Wolff Pack Edges by Amy Wolff November Wolff Pack Alpha by Amy Wolff Eleven Elements by Amy Wolff
Storyteller 2016 :: Stacked Frames – December Add-on by Just Jaimee Storyteller 2016 :: A Stacked Mess – December Add-on by Just Jaimee Storyteller 2016 December Collection by Just Jaimee
Storyteller 2016 :: Stacked Frames – December Add-on by Just Jaimee Storyteller 2016 :: A Stacked Mess – December Add-on by Just Jaimee Storyteller 2016 December Collection by Just Jaimee

And this newness at The Digital Press

Movie Time Collection by MEG Designs and Sabrina’s Creations
Winter White Collection by River~Rose

This one is also available in Sahin Designs personal store

Plus Side Collection by Sahin Designs

And there are also some awesome Black Friday sales going on and I took some time to play with this great bundle

Firm Foundations #3 Bundle by Lynne-Marie

Hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I’m off to see what else I can get in to this weekend! Peace, out…

Love Saturday

Saturdays rock! They really do. Even if I spend a good deal of it cleaning. I love the relaxing time in the evening when I can catch up on things I’ve missed on line and not have to be worried about getting ready for the day coming up.

I’m headed to catch up on PL as soon as I’m done here, but I wanted to drop by and share the gorgeous newness this week.

Whatever Sprinkles Your Donuts by Valorie Wibbens Topograpgy No. 27 by Valorie Wibbens
Storyteller 2016 :: Autumn Sangria – November Add-on by Just Jaimee and Mye De Leon Storyteller 2016 :: Autumn Sangria Journal Cards – November Add-on by Just Jaimee and Mye De Leon Storyteller 2016 :: Sketched Templates – November Add-on by Just Jaimee
We Are Thankful by River~Rose Countdown to Christmas Templates by MEG Designs

Aren’t those fun!! I love them all. Digi-world is getting geared up for Black Friday and it’s going to be awesome!! And no crowds!! I hope that you all have a great rest of your weekend!! Peace, out…