Rainy Days and Mondays

But thank goodness that today it was only one of those things! No rain, just beautiful fluffy clouds and blue skies. I am so loving spring this year. The winter was so long and cold and snowy. I just can’t get enough of the the outdoors right now. My plan at the moment is to redecorate my deck. My mother was going to buy us a new patio set for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day (yes, my mother buys me a Mother’s Day gift, she is weird like that) and while I was browsing around the internet looking for the perfect one, I had a brilliant idea! Make one!! Of course, my husband and my mother looked at me like I had 3 heads when I suggested it! But my mind is set now! I saw some of the cutest sets made out of old pallets and my deck has the perfect place for a bench seat! AND it just so happens that the shop that was owned by my dad has a stack of old pallets! Woo Hoo! So, I’m on a mission. What I want to create is something similar to this:


I just need to decide on paint color and cushions. I think it will be perfect for this house. I will be sure and update with progress. I may even try to photograph the process. We are planning a date now to go and dig through the pallets and find the perfect ones! Wish me luck!!


Must share!!

Back again today because I just had to share the new release from Liz aka Sweet Digi Scraps with you all! I am really in love with this one…so much so, I even scrapped myself with it LOL And I very seldom do that!
Check out Thrifty!!!

 Is this not gorgeous? And if that’s not enough…check out the awesome coordinating Alphas…5 of them!!!

 And if that’s not enough……if you purchase the kit and alpha you get this word art and bonus alpha!!

How fabulous is that??? Here’s the layout I did with it….

Make sure you swing by Sweet Digi Scraps Store at Gotta Pixel this weekend to check out this kit and all the other fabulous stuff that will be on sale! You won’t be able to beat these deals. Scroll down to my last few posts and you can see some of the other goodness from SDS recently!

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