Several New Ones

Kit used: New Years Resolutions by Nina-Affair of the Heart
Glitter from Spring Garden by SaL
Word Art from Elegant Word Art by Bethany

Kit used: Enchanted by Peta Boardman and Template by Malou

Kit used: Precious Treasures by Pascale
Kit used: Egg Hunt from Nana’s Attic

Kit used: Nayyan’s Isabella 1 & 3
I have several new layouts to post….Most of them were done for the challenges at DSG. They are alot of fun and you get a great prize just for entering all of them! No trophies or 1st, 2nd, 3rd…..just the fun of the challenge and a super reward 🙂 It’s a great site….I say again…check it out.

New Layouts

A couple of new layouts to share….
The first is one I did for my mom’s birthday…Happy Birthday, Mom!! The kit I used is the February Collaboration Kit from Digital Scrapgirl.
The second layout I did for a challenge at DSG called “You can never have too many”. The kit I used for this one was Spring Garden by SaL and available at DSG. Great people and awesome designers there….check it out!!


Quickie post! Just finished a layout for a challenge over at Digital Scrap Girl. It’s a template challenge….I never knew how fun templates could be! This one is a great one designed by Carena and the kit I used with it is called Dirty Days Enchanted by Peta Boardman of Scrappin Nut Designs. The word art is from Elegant Word Art by Bethany. If you can’t read it, enlarge it and you should be able to. Gonna post real quick and head off to beddie bye 🙂

Snow Day and New Layouts

Woo hoo a snow day! Too bad I spent most of it pretty darn sick! Ah well, I did take the time to make my 3 new layouts for Nayyan. Had fun with this one! They are all from the kit Love U by Nayyan Design Studio and available at Digital Scrap Girl.

Quickie on a Saturday Morning!

This is a layout I did quickly this morning because I needed a break from house cleaning!! 🙂 The photos are Chance and Grandma and they were taken on a trip to Indiana a couple of years ago. The kit I used is Nayyan’s Isabella 3 and can be found at Digital Scrap Girl. What talented ladies there are there 🙂

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Fabulous Monday!

Are Mondays really fabulous?? I guess if you want them to be then they can be. I can’t complain much about mine….it was not too bad overall! I’ve had much worse days LOL.
I have a couple of new layouts to share. The first one is not an ego trip, trust me. It was done for a challenge at Digital Scrap Girl called All About Me. If you haven’t checked them out you should. It’s a great site. The kit I used for this one is called Luscious and that it is!! It was designed by Carena!
The second layout was created using Nayyan’s Isbella 1 and Isabella 3 mixed together. There is a part 2 and they all blend so well!! Gotta love mix and match!
Both kits can be found at Digital Scrap Girl…Check out the blinkie over there to the right —>
Hope y’all had a fabulous Monday!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day…to anyone reading this!! 🙂 Hope everyone enjoyed a great evening with those they love! I spent part of mine shopping with my 12 year old daughter for a dance! What a nightmare! Sheesh…I have to call my mother and apologize for all the times she took me shopping and I acted like that and turned up my nose at everything! hhahahaha!
So, for the real reason I am here…. I have a couple more layouts to post with Nayyan’s new kit. I have loved using it soooo much!
Kit Name: A New Life
Kit Designer: Nayyan Design Studio
Available exclusively at Digital Scrap Girl
Layout Designer: Me…Intense Magic
It’s such a beautiful kit! Go grab it up if you get a chance!!!

Soooo Excited!!

I am soooo excited!! I made my first CT and couldn’t be happier! I have the privilege of being on a CT for a designer I truly admire! I have loved her kits for sooo long and am honestly and completely honored to be a part of her team!! I couldn’t wait to get started so here is my first layout.
Name of kit:A New Life
Kit Designer: Nayyan Design Studio
Find it exclusively at DigitalScrapGirl
Layout made by: Intense Magic

Super Saturdays

Saturdays are even better when there’s been a surprise Friday off, too!!

I’m gonna take a minute to post a couple of pages I did for the new February challenges over at Digital Scrap Girl. These are so much fun, and having the day off yesterday helped me get a head start on them. If you haven’t been there, check it out!!

The first layout is for the Color Challenge…using red, white, pink, and purple. The kit is Bye Bye Blah from Tracy King with added doodles from lizandherbabes Autumn Romance kit.

The second layout is for the Template Challenge. I had never used templates before last months challenge but they are quite fun. This one is from Carena and is using Maren’s Starlight kit. I added the moon and photo corner from the DSG January Collaboration kit.

On a Wednesday!

Wow…here I am on a Wednesday! I probably should be attending to the online class I just started but…….

It really is an interesting class, based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences which basically says we are all “smart” in some way. Creativity is not my strong suit by any stretch of the imagination which is why digiscrapping has been such a challenge for me. I tend to lean more toward the mathematical/logical way of thinking and learning.

Anyway….. I guess I needed some stress relief tonight and an escape so off to Photoshop I go….

This page was done using Manuela Zimmermann’s kit Lifetime Moments. I bought this kit with the coupon I got for entering her Guest CT call. I didn’t make the team but I sure won out in being able to get this kit….beautiful, like all her work.