Sweet Sunday…

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope that you all are having a safe and happy start to July! Different times we are living in for sure! For those of you in the US, I hope you were able to enjoy some 4th of July activities!

I wanted to swing by and share some of the gorgeous new releases while they are still on sale for the weekend!

Sunshine on My Face: Collection + FWP by River~Rose Designs



This is July | Collection by Dunia Designs
Duo Templates | Vol 5 by Dunia Designs


Summer Joy Elements by Amy Wolff
Summer Joy Papers by Amy Wolff
Summer Joy Misc by Amy Wolff
Wildflower Templates by Pink Reptile Designs



Storyteller 2020 July Kit by Just Jaimee
Storyteller 2020 July Pocket Cards by Just Jaimee
Storyteller 2020 July Paint, Tape, & Flair by Just Jaimee
Wildflower Templates by Pink Reptile Designs



Wildflower Papers by Pink Reptile Designs
Wildflower Elements by Pink Reptile Designs
Wild flower Alpha by Pink Reptile Designs
Wildflower Templates by Pink Reptile Designs



This is Now: Misc Paperie by Rachel Jefferies
Miscellaneous Collage Bits and Bobs 1 by Rachel Jefferies
This is Now: Misc Bits and Bobs by Rachel Jefferies
This is Now: Layered Templates by Rachel Jefferies



So many beautiful designs and still on sale today! I’ve also gotten back to playing in my planner, so I’ll be back to share that soon!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for stopping by!!


Let’s Pretend…

Let’s pretend that it hasn’t been 2 months since I was here! Or at least I will pretend that it hasn’t been haha! It’s been a wild and crazy couple of months as well as being a couple of months where every day seems the same. I’m sure that some of you all can relate. It’s the time we are in and what we are all going through right now. I can tell you that teaching online is not something I hope to continue, but I feel sure that it will be  a part of our future in some way, shape, or form. And I have a feeling that my summer will not be as full of the typical relaxing times as we prepare for what the future will hold.

I’m keeping up with my scrapping and will get back to sharing those pages this weekend. I am up to date with my weekly spreads as well and am going to update that page. I hope to start sharing some other things as well. I am going to dive in to my planner again and work on getting myself on some sort of schedule. The world may have gone a little crazy, and probably I have as well, but I would love to be a more regular poster and share the things I love and enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by and I will be back to update soon!!

Still plugging along…

Happy Thursday!! I am so looking forward to the weekend and being able to take a step back for a couple of days. I feel like work is so much more overwhelming doing it from home. Trying to figure out lessons to do online and how to make it work for those who don’t have access to the internet, as well as trying to contact everyone is no easy task. I am working hard to make myself turn off work things at a certain time every day, but sometimes that is easier said than done.

But, I have been able to catch back up with Project Life. I’m not taking many photos myself right now because we are just inside these four walls most of the time, but fortunately the kiddos are sending me lots. I sure miss seeing those babies in person!

All of my layouts are using Stories of Life Templates by Scrapping with Liz and Just Jaimee’s Storyteller and Real Life in Pockets lines. The date titles are Week Dates 2020 by Sabrina’s Creations.



Whew, I was a little behind posting these, huh? I do a little better at keeping up with Instagram, so feel free to follow me there! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


Ummmm, Yeah….

Wow, it’s been awhile and wow, how the world has changed since I was here last. So much going on, but so little at the same time. I am trying to document what I can, but honestly other than the world events, not much is going on here at all. They closed our schools for two weeks on March 13, and then on March 23 decided that schools would be closed for the rest of the school year. I am doing my best to provide lessons to my students online, but it’s not so easy when many of them do not have internet at home. Chance is keeping up with his assignments, but really not liking online learning at all. We both would love to be back in school. It’s a crazy time. Everything but essential businesses are closed. Going to the grocery store is scary. I am just looking forward to the day when things start to get back to normal, or at least somewhat normal.

As far as scrapping goes, I have had a little difficulty being able to focus on scrapping much, but I am getting a few layouts done here and there. For this week I was able to work with some seriously gorgeous kits:

April – TDP Designer Collab



Home Sweet Home by Dunia Designs
Fabulously Negative v.11 by WM[squared] Designs



Sunshine and Rain: Collection + FWP by River~Rose Designs



I have been keeping up with PL and will back to share those pages. I hope that you all have a lovely Easter weekend and are able to celebrate with those closest to you! For now, peace, out…

Week 6…

I can’t believe we are already up to Week 6 of the new year. Time is flying by! I am still loving the more clean and simple style that I decided to go with for Project Life this year. These templates by Scrapping with Liz are fantastic and I always adore Just Jaimee’s Storyteller Collections!

Here are weeks 5 & 6:

Don’t judge the Christmas pillow still on my couch. Chance does not want me to put it away just yet haha. Maybe he will let it go by summer 🙂

Hope you all are having a fantastic week and making lots of memories!! Until next time, peace, out…

Simply Tuesday…

I often say that Tuesdays are the forgotten day of the week. Mondays seem to be the days that everyone dreads, Wednesdays are hump day, Thursdays mean it’s almost the weekend, and everyone loves Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But what about poor little Tuesday? Today, I’m celebrating Tuesday by catching up on all the layouts for Simple Scrapper that I am behind on posting. Yikes. I really have to do better about that.  I’m pretty sure I need to catch up on December, January, and now February.

I love being a part of the team at Simple Scrapper. I really feel like it helps me to create some meaningful, purposeful layouts and inspires me to create pages that I may not have thought of otherwise. The Premium Membership offers exclusive content and a supportive, generous, and inspiring community. So much amazing content! Some of the benefits include a private groups, Spark Magazine, chats, podcasts, sketches, and story starters. Totally awesome!

Here are my December layouts:

Here are my January layouts:


And here are my February layouts:

There are just so many amazing resources that go along with a Simple Scrapper Premium Membership! It is totally worth checking in to and trying out!!

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time…peace, out…

New Releases…

Hi all! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! We had a long one due to some flooding on Friday. Then we woke up to snow on Saturday. I seriously think Mother Nature is off her meds! But I am sure not complaining about this winter. It has been amazing!

While I have a few minutes, I thought I’d stop by and share my new release pages for this week.

It’s Pennysaver at The Digital Press, and that means amazing deals on some gorgeous products!! This page uses:
Monthly Memories: Always and Forever | Elements by Cornelia Designs
Pocket Basics Vol 2 | Photo Templates by Cornelia Designs

River~Rose Designs never ceases to amaze me with her gorgeous creations! This page uses:
Love Bandit Collection by River~Rose Designs
Love Bandit: Hearbtreaker Add-on by River~Rose
February Happened by Crystal Livesay


It’s BYOC at The Lilypad, so that means lots of fabulous goodies!! This page uses:
Sanctuary Kit by Lynn Grieveson
Hearts Galore Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz


And last but certainly not least…a new month means a new Storyteller from Just Jaimee!
Storyteller 2020 February Kit by Just Jaimee
Storyteller 2020 February Cards by Just Jaimee
Storyteller 2020 February Word Art by Just Jaimee
Storyteller 2020 February Paint, Tape, & Flair by Just Jaimee
Storyteller 2020 February Styles by Just Jaimee


I’ll be back later with a Project Life update! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!! Until next time…peace, out…


Project Life Update…

While we are coming by to update, let’s updated Project Life as well!!

Here is Week 4, using Stories of Life 1 by Scrapping with Liz, Storyteller 2020 January by Just Jaimee, and Week Dates by Sabrina’s Creations

I am so loving these templates and the clean simple look!!

I’m also super excited because I just ordered my 2018 and 2019 books from Shutterfly during their unlimited pages sale!! I got both 105 page books for just arouond $40. Amazing!!

MOC Update…

MOC at The Lilypad is rolling right along and I’ve been able to keep up for the most part. I did have to do a little catch up last weekend, but it wasn’t too difficult! If you’re not playing along, it is not too late! You have until Feb 2nd to complete all the pages! If you complete them all, you will receive a $20 gift certificate to The Lilypad store!!! So amazing!!

I just thought I’d pop in and share my pages to date! Only 4 to go!


Thanks for looking!! I hope you have a fabulous week ahead!! Peace, out…


Let’s get the party started…

It’s a little late, but it’s time to get Project Life 2020 underway. I had to wait a bit and finally finish up 2019 before I got started. If your interested in checking out the rest of those pages, you can find them under Project Life 2019 at the top of the page. In planning 2020, I knew I wanted to do something a bit different and something a bit more simple. I chose some amazing new templates by Scrapping with Liz – Stories of Life. They are just perfect for the vision of the new year that I have.

I thought I’d drop by here and share the first three weeks. In addition to Liz’s templates, I am using Just Jaimee’s Storyteller line, and Week Dates by Sabrina’s Creations.

Week 1LWeek 1RWeek 2LWeek 2RWeek 3LWeek 3R


I am loving the way it is going so far!! Can’t wait to move on for the rest of the year! Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a fabulous week!! Peace, out…