And we’re done…

Yep, Christmas is over and the new year is fast approaching. Everyone here had a great time and I’m pretty sure they were happy with what Santa brought! So much so that we did it like 4 times I think. With grown children and grandchildren, I guess you kind of have to go with the flow. I just fixed food and let everyone come and go as they could and fed them well while they were here.

The best news…I finished my December Daily and my 2014 Project Life pages! Whoop Whoop! I have a couple more to upload and it’s onward and upward!!

Now, we are getting in to ready mode for the new year. I used to look at this time of year as kind of a sad, saying good-bye type of thing. But I have learned to see it much differently the last few years. There have been struggles and heart-aches and hard times lately, and I have found myself looking forward to the new year, to the chance to start all over in a way. It feels much better to look at it that way! So bring on 2015, I say!

One of my biggest goals for the new year is to be more organized. I working on planner options and ways to better keep track of all that I need to do. One of the ways I’m doing that is by joining in on the Start Fresh Event at Simple Scrapper.

Start Fresh is an event designed to help you get organized going in to the new year; to plan and to focus on goals. It also comes with an amazing workbook and planner! I am totally planning to print that out and Start Fresh with new organization!! You can check it out for yourself here:

thumb.phpSo, here’s to a great new year!!

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