Fridays don’t mean a whole heck of a lot on summer vacation, but well, it’s still Friday 🙂 Just got finished updating my Scrap Pages and man, there was some gorgeous stuff to play with this week. Credits are attached to all of them so you can find all the goodness!! I am almost caught up on Project Life. I have to do last week’s page and this week over the weekend. I’ll get that updated in the next day or so.

Summer is quickly winding down. The schools here in this area have already gone back, so I am glad that I teach down the road a bit! We have several things going on the next few days. I go with A and C to Roanoke tomorrow to get their tuxes for the wedding. THAT should be interesting. I told C that on Monday we would head to Pipestem State Park and go horseback riding. He has never been on one, so that should be interesting, too! We also need to get in a few more pool trips before the summer is over! I have to go to work on Wed of next week for some training…yuck! I finally got my hair done yesterday after 7 months and it feels so much better!

I shared a fun pic on Facebook for Throwback Thursday yesterday, so I thought I would share it here as well. I miss my dad.


This was taken in 1996 at Smith Mountain Lake, VA. My parents owned a condo there and we spent a lot of time in the summers at that place. Yes, this is what my dad liked to do for fun – hang my children from curtain rods LOL He was the best!

I’m out of here for now. It’s a rainy day and I have some errands to run. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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