So, yeah…

Got a little behind again. I am not sure where this summer has gone 😦 I know I’ve been busy, but I’m not sure what all we have done. Mostly work and not enough fun. I think I will change that for the 3 weeks or so we have left. I have painted 2 more rooms since I was last here – C’s bedroom and our office. I still have 2 rooms to paint, but they won’t be bad as long as I can get M here to clean out her room. Money has been pretty tight this summer, so that’s the main reason behind not going a lot of places. Not even going to the beach this summer. I’m pretty bummed, but hope to get a trip in sometime in the near future, even if it’s only for a long weekend. Things will get better and this is just a bump in the road 🙂

I just finished updating my Scrap Pages, so if you want to take a peek over there and see all the amazing designs, go for it! I know that I create for some of the most wonderful people. And speaking of scrapping, guess who is one of the newest members of the P&Co Creative Team? ME!! Wow… I am just so over the moon happy. Not only do I get to create with some amazing designs, but I have a new home 🙂 Come on over and play with us!!

I’m a bit behind on Project Life, but I will get back on track in the next day or so. I think I only have a couple of weeks to catch up. I may be severely lacking in photos 😦 My big girl camera has quit working on me and my cell phone camera is giving me fits, too UGH. I’m trying to hold out on a new phone until the fall and I see what the iPhone 6 is like, but man, I seriously need to take some pictures!

C and I are off today to do a little fishing at the pond. We went yesterday and he caught one Blue Gill. Hopefully today he will catch a few more. Hope everyone has a great end to the weekend!

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