Busy, busy!

Summer is going by just entirely too quickly! I’ve been pretty busy around here. We had new patio furniture delivered last week and I spent the days before building planter boxes with my left over pallet lumber to go on either side of it. I think it looks really pretty 🙂


The yellow hibiscus I bought a while back match the pillows perfectly! I also finished one of my benches that is on the other side of the porch


It’s not perfect, but for my first one, I think it looks pretty good! There are 3 more on the back porch that still need to be finished, but no one ever goes out there, so I have some time!

I stopped on this project to start another. I ripped all the carpet off of our inside stairs! Oh my, I have never seen so many staples and tacks in my life! I am in the process of staining the treads and then I am going to paint the risers. But even the bare wood looked better than that nasty carpet that was on there!

On Friday, A and his fiance rented a u-haul to take some stuff to the dump out of their house and get his stuff out of storage, so they offered to come by and get our couch and chair (and the ripped up carpet) that needed to go as well. After, they stopped by my mom’s and picked up a couch and chair that she had for us. Oh my gosh. It looks so much better and is so much more comfortable. Piece of advice – don’t ever buy a denim couch!! I thought at the time it would be really cool…bright pillows, patches if it was worn…but you know how when you wear jeans for a little while, they start getting baggy? Well the same thing happens when it’s on a couch! You can wash it and tighten it back up, but in a few sits it’s all loose again. I bet I “made” the couch 100 times a day…tucking it in here and there to make it look tight. It was a freakin’ pain in the butt.

We finally had a rainy day yesterday, so I got the house cleaned up, laundry done, and caught up on my scrapping. Today, I need to do something, go somewhere! I may take C to check out the library…it’s been on our “to do” list for a few weeks.

Oh, and before I forget… I need to give a big old shout out to Florence Scovel Jewelry! I ordered a watch from them a couple of weeks ago and am totally in love with it


It was on sale for $9.99! How could I pass that up, right? Well, they had a contest on their Facebook page – Florence Scovel Jewelry – to post a photo of your new jewelry for a chance to win $100 Gift Card and guess who won? ME!!! So excited, and I picked out a few really cool pieces. Can’t wait to get them!! If you haven’t checked out their store, do it! They have some great things on sale and some beautiful pieces!!

If you’d like to see all the great stuff from my wonderful scrap designers this week, check out My Scrap Pages, it’s all up to date! Not so much with Project Life, but I will get there. I am outta here. Have a wonderful hump day!

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