Happy 4th to you!

Happy 4th of July to all those celebrating in the great USA tomorrow. Hope it is a safe, happy, and fun-filled day for you all. We are headed to the celebration put on by the Rescue Squad at the football stadium every year. It is such a nice thing that they do, and all free of charge to the community. There are concerts, food, bouncy houses, and skydivers all day long. Capped off with fireworks after dark. My oldest works for the rescue squad and is usually there as part of the color guard. He won’t be there this year because he is volunteering at the Greenbrier Classic Golf Tournament this week. He is having such a great time and meeting some fun people, like Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Then he is headed to Carowinds for Military Appreciation Days. I love seeing my children enjoying life!

C and I went out this afternoon for slushies. Well, slushy for him, blackberry mojito tea lemonade from Starbucks for me. And then we did a little geocaching in the neighborhood. It was fun, even though we had to give up on one of them. I’m hoping we can get out and do some more one day soon. We were kind of pressed for time today. Here he is with the first one he found.



Now, I’m headed to update my scrap pages and PL pages for the week.  Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

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