Rainy Days and Mondays

But thank goodness that today it was only one of those things! No rain, just beautiful fluffy clouds and blue skies. I am so loving spring this year. The winter was so long and cold and snowy. I just can’t get enough of the the outdoors right now. My plan at the moment is to redecorate my deck. My mother was going to buy us a new patio set for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day (yes, my mother buys me a Mother’s Day gift, she is weird like that) and while I was browsing around the internet looking for the perfect one, I had a brilliant idea! Make one!! Of course, my husband and my mother looked at me like I had 3 heads when I suggested it! But my mind is set now! I saw some of the cutest sets made out of old pallets and my deck has the perfect place for a bench seat! AND it just so happens that the shop that was owned by my dad has a stack of old pallets! Woo Hoo! So, I’m on a mission. What I want to create is something similar to this:


I just need to decide on paint color and cushions. I think it will be perfect for this house. I will be sure and update with progress. I may even try to photograph the process. We are planning a date now to go and dig through the pallets and find the perfect ones! Wish me luck!!


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