Manic Monday

Only this one is not so manic, thank goodness. The second day of our ever so generous two day Spring Break ha! *insert eye roll*

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. Mine was spent with children off and on over the last couple of days. We had dinner Saturday with A, his GF, and daughter here at the house. They had to spend Sunday packing for their trip to Disney. I think they left about 3:30 this morning and I didn’t have time to stuff myself in their bags *sniff*. I’m sure they will have a great time! Yesterday was dinner again with M and her BF, and then once again using my precious Silhouette Cameo to make vinyl decals for their cars. Maybe one day I will get to use it for my crafty stuff! C had his visit from the “creepy bunny”, but creepy or not, he was thrilled with the Playstation gift card so that he can finally buy that Minecraft skin pack he’s been wanting for weeks.

My favorite part of the weekend was being able to get outside and work and play in the yard. The weather is fabulous and we so deserve it after the long awful winter. One of these days, I am moving away from winter! I was also able to get some pretty good photos and can get by PL updated for this past week. Sometimes life seems so monotonous and I go days without a photo. But I really enjoy keeping up with life weekly and the family loves to look back at the one I did last year and see what was going on and when. I’m really getting in to the whole pocket scrapbooking trend and am a bit obsessed with journal cards at the moment. I grab all that I can get my hands on! Danyale of Etc by Danyale is hosting a challenge this month in her Facebook Group – Etc Pocket Page Group – where she is giving away journal cards and selecting winners from each week’s challenge. It’s a fun way to play around with Pocket Pages and win $10 to her shop! So, if you are at all interested, come join and give it a go! I’m also really enjoying looking around at The Pocket Source. Talk about some fantastic inspiration.

I’m headed out now to enjoy some more sunshine and possibly getting in to something crafty. I am having a really hard time finding cushions to fit my deck chairs, so I am thinking MAKE THEM! Have a great Monday!

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