Yet another snow day…

Ughhh! Ever heard a teacher say that he/she is tired of snow days? Now you have.  I am. tired. of. snow. days. Today it was more like an ice day and our last “free day” of the year. We’ve now missed 10.  The first 5 were built in to the calendar and the second we use “bank time” for. Now we are done and we haven’t even gotten in to March yet. I just don’t want to start cutting in to summer vacation. A good snow day here and there is ok, but it’s getting a little out of hand. And I am so totally not being productive on these days. I’ve done a little scrapping here and there, but not as much as I could have. I’ve just been lazy.

I thought I would stop by today and catch up on my PL pages and Scrap pages. I think they are all up to date now. Not a whole lot of anything else going on. I am so ready for spring! Warm weather, being outside, working in the yard, feeling the sun. It can’t come soon enough for me!!

Hope everyone else is having a good day!!

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