Rainy Days and Mondays….

Real original, huh? It sure was a downer of a day today, though…just blah. Work and more work and then took the kids to get flu shots. Walgreens and CVS won’t give them to anyone under 18, so we ended up waiting forever at MedExpress. It was a sandwich and chips dinner tonight, but that’s ok I guess. We did do our Memory Jar question for tonight, but I am still waiting for DS #1’s answer….

The question was:

What is one thing that your parents don’t know about you?

DD: There was this one time that I took a whole bottle of bacon bits out of the frig and ate them all. Then I planted the jar in Aaron’s room so he would get blamed.

DH: They don’t know about all the times I snuck out as a teenager.

DS #2: I snuck downstairs and got crackers when I was supposed to be sleeping.

Me: They never knew about all the times I snuck my younger sister in the house when she had been out partying.

I guess I’ll come back when I have Aaron’s answer haha. I’ve got a couple of pages to add to my scrap pages and Project Life page and then I think I am off to bed. Tiring day!! At least Monday is over!!

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