Memory Jar

Sweet Kimberlee at OSD shared this great printable project with us a few days ago and I just loved it from the minute I saw it. It’s from Paper Coterie and it’s a printable memory jar:


You choose a question a week at random and have the members of your family answer them. We started this tonight and I am keeping the answers in a journal. I also thought I would document the answers here as well.

Our Week 1 Question was:

Who has had the biggest impact on how you choose to live your life?

DH: My father and how he raised me. I try to be the man he wanted me to be.

Me: My dad. He was everything that I ever thought a person should be!

DS #1: Batman. He is rich and awesome and cool and has lots of cool stuff (would you ever guess he is 21? LOL)

DD: I choose Aaron (DS #1) because I don’t want to make the same mistakes he has made growing ujp.

DS #2: Morgan (DD) because she is my sister and she plays video games with me.

Not sure how seriously each of the kids took this question, but it was fun. I’m getting ready to upload week one of Project Life and I’ll share it on that page. Hoping to make 2013 one to remember.

Hope everyone has a great week!!

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