Where is November going?

And I haven’t even been here since October. Not sure where the time goes sometimes. Sunday night and relaxing time here. We always eat early on Sunday so that way the evening is freed up somewhat. Today I took some time and made some roasted pecans…ohhh I haven’t been able to stay out of them. I was going to take a photo of them to share, but I’ve been to busy eating them to be bothered haha.

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is this week. The good thing being that we have 3 days off this year and I am so looking forward to that. Long overdue for a break. But it also means the beginning of the Christmas season which I am sooo not ready for! I need to take some time this week and make some lists of things to do. I always end up rushing around the last few days of school, because it sneaks up on me. I’ve been browsing around for neat teacher gift ideas, hoping to come up with something at least a little creative.

I’ve scrapped a lot this month…between DSD and Black Friday, designers are really cranking out the products. One of the fun things I am going to try to do this year is a December Daily type thing. One Story Down has such amazing products – December Captured – just for this type of project and I think with it being digital I might just be able to pull it off. I’m getting ready to find an album to put them all in…or I may just bind them at home. Haven’t decided yet. That’s something else I want to work on over the break. I’m going to head over now and update my most recent layouts. I think I have 20+ that I haven’t added yet. I’ll come back later and do a little pimpin’ for the fab designers I et to work with. Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


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