Monday, really?

UGH Monday. I almost started a post saying it was Tuesday. I guess that’s because I am really anxious to get Monday over with. This whole week as a matter of fact. Work is crazy, and I’m just having one of those days where I’d like to reach out and smack someone haha.

I had to take DD to the dr. right after school, so no rest for the weary. She’s had a rash for about a month and it wasn’t getting any better. So after sitting at the Express Care and then waiting for prescriptions, only to find out my ex never gave me a prescription card for her, meaning I had to shell out $50 for this cream, I could now bite nails in half.

But really, I’m not hear to moan and complain. I try to always look at the positive and keep a smile on my face, maybe find a laugh here and there. I’ll look a little closer for those things tomorrow haha.

I did want to come and post something that I forgot to post yesterday! One of the designers that  I create for has a new home! Val C. is now at OScraps!! You can find her shop HERE!

She has some beautiful creations:

- Happiness -    - Circle Of Life -

ValCDesigns and Erica Zwart - Typically you - {bundle}     - 100% Me - {Bundle}

ValCDesigns and PinkReptile Designs - Painting Rainbows - {Bundle}     ValC Designs and Beedeesign - Self Confidence -{The Bundle}

Head over and check her shop at the O! And I’ll be back soon 🙂

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