Quiet Friday

Sitting around on a quiet Friday night and thinking hmmmm maybe I should do a blog post LOL So here I am 🙂 I should be packing and such since we are leaving for the beach on Sunday, but I just don’t have the motivation tonight haha.It seems like the string of things happening around here is never ending this summer. I may need to go back to work to catch a break. 
The tree I mentioned in my last post is now gone. The neighbors hired engineers to come out and survey, and sure enough it was theirs 🙂 And at least there’s no more risk of it falling on my house!
A couple of weeks ago we went out to do some errands and somehow ended up adopting a puppy..cutest little thing…we named him Axl! Bonus points for anyone knowing who he was named for LOL Well, about a week and a half later, he just all of a sudden stopped eating and became really lethargic. Day 2 of this we decided to take him to the vet. We had some lunch and just as I was getting ready to call them, he had a seizure…we rushed him there right away. Turned out he had distemper and they had to put him to sleep. I just read in the paper yesterday that they had an outbreak of it at the shelter and the whole litter as well as mom passed away 😦 Soooo sad!! They were all adorable!!
I could use a string of good luck sometime soon!! 
I have had the great pleasure of working with some awesome kits the last couple of weeks! In addition to my regular designers, I am guesting in July and August for Captivated Visions and Little Green Frog! Two of my favs 🙂 Everyone has really kept me hopping!! Click on the links for full credits…they are all such gorgeous kits!! 
 Have a wonderful weekend!!

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