Been awhile…but I have a gift :)

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I was here. Just suffice to say that this time of year is the craziest for me. Counting down the days til summer and stressing about all that needs to be done at home and at work in the next couple of weeks. But I had to take time out today to come by and wish a very Happy Birthday to a dear sweet designer – Val C Designs. She has put up with my craziness and inability to keep up for awhile now haha. She is having a very special birthday in the Designer Spotlight – Bird on a Wire – at Zig Zag Scraps. Come by and check out all the fun and see Val’s gorgeous designs!! 
As part of the the celebration, Val asked her CT to make monograms to give away to you all. I was able to do a couple and really enjoyed it. You can find the complete list of girls who contributed and the rest of the letters and numbers HERE
And here is my contribution:
Hope everyone is doing well and hope to be back around soon!!

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