Back again today because I wanted to share the deep love I have for Pinterest!! I could literally lose hours there browsing, pinning, being inspired. Now mind you, I am not the least bit crafty…not one little bit! As a matter of fact, the thoughts of it usually make me twitchy and give me little anxiety attacks. BUT since I joined Pinterest, I am finding that maybe there is a little craftiness buried in there somewhere. I have tried a few things I have found on there and actually enjoyed doing it! 
 I did these sugar scrub jars for Christmas gifts for coworkers because of something I saw there (and I actually did a larger version for some family members):
My latest project is a scarf idea made from a couple of t-shirts I found one day for $1 each. The original pin was done in all one color, but I thought it would be fun to try it in my fav colors…WVU blue and gold…since they are playing in the Orange Bowl tomorrow night. I will be proudly sporting my scarf for the day tomorrow!!
If you haven’t checked out Pinterest, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I even have the app on my phone so that when I shut it down for the night on the PC, I can go lay in bed and browse a little more 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what other craftiness just might be inside me! Hope everyone is having a great day!!

2 Replies to “Pinterest”

  1. OMG! girl all I need is one more reason to sit at my desk and browse thru an awesome place like Pinterest….and you are too crafty. I have seen stuff you have created for co-workers in the past and they turned out great. Now if I could stumble acrossed amaid, a cook and run do my errands so I could have less interruptions, then maybe…..ok I might wander over and check it out. Those crafts look awesome. you know how much I love crafting.


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