Long time and something new :)

Been a few weeks again…but I do have good intentions haha. We’ve been on vacation and now I am on crunch time before going back to work. I don’t feel like I have accomplished 1/2 what I set out to accomplish…but I guess there’s not much I can do about it now. Back to the grind on Monday!! And the 180 countdown begins again!!

Anyway, the main reason I am here is to show off something new that I’m trying. One of my fav designers – Litabells – has teamed up with Samara to bring Art Squared to life. Art journaling is something I’ve really admired for awhile…I’ve seen such talent. But it’s never been something I thought I could do myself. My lack of patience and my ADD would cause me to have mini anxiety attacks at the thoughts of paints and stuff *shiver* but I looked around some and thought, well, I can give it a try digitally…see if I can make it work that way…THAT I can do 🙂 So, I visited Art Squared, read the prompt, and off I went to create. Not sure it’s all that great…but hey, I tried 🙂

Kit used is Sweet Songs by ViVa Artistry at The DigiChick! 🙂

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