Day 7 – Favorite Movies

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Here we go with Day 7 – Favorite Movies!
There are so many movies that I love…classics and current movies. But every time I get asked what my favorite movie is I have to say “Message in a Bottle”. 
What a great movie. I really didn’t like Kevin Costner prior to this movie and made myself watch it when I saw that he was in it, but I have never had a movie just stay with me for days after I watched it like this one! Not to give away the ending if you haven’t seen it, but omgosh, I just walked around for days saying “that was so wrong”. But it really makes you think about love, and taking the opportunity to tell someone you love them while you have it!
Another couple of movies that just make me blubber like a baby….
Like I said, there are so many movies that I love…sometimes a great comedy is just what I need, sometimes sappy, sometimes there’s nothing like a great horror movie (some of the old classics are the best). I don’t think I could narrow it down to just a few. I keep reading others lists and think…oh yeah, I love that one LOL
Hope everyone has had a great Valentine’s Day…I think it’s time to head to bed with a sappy love story to fall asleep to 🙂
I thought before I go, however that I would share the where you can find the list of prompts in case you would like to join in. I’ve discovered some great new blogs and really interesting ladies…love learning new things about people 🙂 The prompts are HERE at ScrapMatters as well as a list of people there who are participating! It’s a neat challenge and has sure kept me blogging lately.
Ok…I’m out!! Peace!

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