Day 4 – Your Parents

Oh wow…I could go on about this topic for days LOL!! My parents are so incredible! Just to start, my sister and I are both adopted…my parents didn’t have any biological children. They told us from day 1 that we were adopted and that we were special because we were chosen 🙂 They have both been there for me and my sister through everything from financial crisis to depression to divorce…always ready and willing to support us and help us in any way that they could! There are no 2 different people…it’s so funny…they are the epitome of “opposites attract”. My mom is very proper, an ettiquette queen, and grammar nazi. She has never been one to enjoy outdoorsy or risky adventures. She very seldom swears and is the kindest, sweetest person you will ever want to meet. She is so good to everyone she meets. My dad is a free spirit. He loves riding motorcycles, canoeing, hiking…anything adventurous and outdoorsy. He cannot sit still and is constantly on the move. He’s the one that will sit at the dinner table and crack dirty jokes (just to make my mom cringe, I think LOL) or belch the alphabet. At 74 years old he is still running his own construction company and doing pharmacy work part time on weekends. He has more energy than I do at 45. Who am I most like? Without a doubt, my dad!! But with a little grammar nazi mixed in! 
There are just not enough words to describe my parents. They are amazing people and I am so fortunate that they chose me!!!! 
And on a scrappy note…check this out! This is in addition to GGI, also going on this weekend at GP!! And I’ll be back with some terrific stuff to show off this weekend as well!! 🙂

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