Love is in the air :)

It seems as though everyone is starting to get in the mood for some Valentine’s Day love!! Personally, I am just now feeling like I am recovering from Christmas LOL. I don’t know what it was about this year, I guess maybe the traveling, but I am just beginning to feel a bit of normalcy again! But I digress. I really came here today to show you some fabulous stuff by some fabulous designers!! 
First up and just released today is Punch Drunk Love by A+ Designs and DaniMoy Designs, aka DuoLicious 🙂
And here is a layout I did with this one 🙂 This is one of the pictures that Morgan’s dad sent of her getting ready for her formal on Saturday night. Sorry I missed her getting all dressed up but I think I’m going to have her do it again, just for me to get some really good photos. The dress looks so blue in this picture and it was really a dark gray.
And on to this cute kit by ScrapShana called My Little Monkey 🙂

I did this layout using a photo of Morgan when she was about a year old. My dad thought it would be hilarious to hang her from the curtain rod 🙂

And now back to my original thoughts on love!! You have GOT to see what’s out today from ETC. by Danyale…omgosh…I am in love with this stuff for sure!!

Are those not amazing?! Here’s what I have done with them so far!

And don’t forget that it’s $1 Pixels at Gotta Pixel….such amazing deals!!

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