Yep, super creative title there, huh LOL I think I could get used to only going to work one day a week…and on a 2 hour delay at that! We’ve been out since Monday because of the (insert sarcasm) lovely snow!! Snow days are nice I suppose, but we’ve now lost our day off Monday for MLK Day, President’s Day off, another day in March we would have had off, and they have tacked 2 on the end of the year. I, personally would have preferred those days to these 4 in a row, being basically trapped in the house. 
I guess this weekend will consist of the usual house cleaning and football. DH’s team and mine are both out of the playoffs, so I guess I’ve got to decide who I am going to go for now. Can’t be the same as DH or it would take all the fun out of the games LOL I have to be able to argue! Morgan is gone to her dad’s and has a formal dance to go to tomorrow night. This is the first time he’s had to deal with one of these and while I will miss getting to see her all dressed up and leaving, I’m tickled that he will have to deal with all the comings and goings and stuff…it’s good for him hahaha!!!! Oh and tomorrow afternoon I will be clearing out an hour for this:
The last one was such a blast!! There were so many people there and it got just down right crazy at times! Had to be the best scrap chat I’ve ever attended! So, barring some unforeseen emergency, I will be there with bells on!
And speaking of Danyale…she has this cute cute word art out today that coordinates with the new Chugging along kit by Colie’s Corner at Gotta Pixel

Isn’t it adorable! Here’s a layout I did with the kit and the word art

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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